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Keep A 'Comfort Doodad' Nearby When You Need To Relax And Think

The office isn’t necessarily the best place to brainstorm great ideas. James Kerr, author of The Executive Checklist, recommends keeping a small object with you that mentally transports you to a different place.

If You Want To Be More Likeable, Start Having Fun

Being likeable and charismatic is a learned art form like any other. However, there’s one easy shortcut to a magnetic personality: start having fun.

NSW Takes First Steps Towards 2018 Rollout Of Digital Driver Licences

That digital NSW licence thing we heard about earlier this year? Yep, that’s official happening, according to Dominic Perrottet, the state’s Minister for Finance and Services. You’ll have to wait a couple of years for it though, unless you’re really into fishing.

Deflect, Explore, Or Confront Your Relatives' Nosey Questions

Christmas is for family and sometimes that means trying to survive awkward or intrusive questions like “When are you two going to get married?” or “Still single, huh?” Here are some scripts you can use to handle these tired old questions.

Learn The Basics Of Making Effective Lists In This One Minute Video

We’ve covered a whole lot of tips on how to make great lists, but if you want a quick refresher of the basics, Flikli’s short video is a good place to start.

This Is How Mundane Events Turn Into Overblown Controversies

Everyone is so angry these days, right? Not necessarily. While there are plenty of legitimate things to be angry about, here’s how sites can turn a relatively mundane event into a “controversy” everyone comments on.

Lifehacker Is Hiring! Digital Designer Wanted

Are you a tech savvy creative? We’re looking for an ideas driven and commercially focused digital designer to join our rapidly growing team at Allure Media.

Pintasking Minimizes Any Android App To A Floating Button

Android: One of Android’s claims-to-fame is true multitasking. Pintasking is perhaps the best example of this, letting you seamlessly switch between apps in a way that I wish came built into Android.

Video Briefly: Cheap Arse Star Wars, NASA Arcade Cabinet, Civil War

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers: Cardboard Star Wars, a futuristic retro arcade cabinet and the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

How I Succeeded: Audinate's Aidan Williams

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today: Aidan Williams from Audinate

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