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Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Not all interview questions need to be super serious — in past KIQ articles we’ve looked at dealing with time bombs, surviving the zombie apocalypse and the best way to unload a jumbo jet full of jellybeans. Here’s a question in a similarly fun vein from HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes.

This Week's Top Ten Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

Uber And Airbnb: The Storm Behind The Silver Lining

Should we love Uber and Airbnb or protest against them? Depending on who you ask, these peer-to-peer business models are either canny disruptors that empower consumers and bring prices down, or a legally questionable free-for-all that’s in dire need of government regulation. Here’s what one leading economic sociologist thinks.

Weather For Chrome Puts Your Local Forecast In A Chrome Toolbar Button

Weather is a simple Chrome extension that gives you the local forecast with a single click on the extension’s toolbar button. You’ll see the temperature and current conditions on the button itself, updated regularly, but click it for a full expanded forecast, using data from Forecast.io.

Reeder 3 For Mac Is Now Available As A Public Beta

Mac: Reeder is our favourite RSS client for Mac and today a public beta of the new version, Reeder 3 is available for free.

Enable This Flag To View Chrome Downloads As Card Notifications

Chrome (Dev): If you’re downloading a file in Chrome, you have to watch the little bar at the bottom for a vague green circle to fill. If you’d rather get a bit more information (and you’re running the Chrome Dev channel), you can enable this flag to put your downloads in Google’s notification tray.

This Simple Windows 10 Tweak Could Reduce RAM And CPU Usage

A new Windows operating system just arrived and with it, a truckload of fresh tweaks that’ll help it run faster, leaner and better. It’ll take a while before we’ve collected all the good tips but for now, here’s one that might make your experience with the OS a little snappier.

Google Addresses Chrome's Memory Woes With Native 'Tab Discarding'

Browsers have become one of the most memory-intensive applications you can run and while vendors such as Google and Firefox have gone to great lengths to keep things under control, for some users, it’s still not good enough. In fact, Chrome will introduce a rather drastic measure in an upcoming version — tab “discarding” — to help alleviate the issue.

Reset Siri's Training Data To Force It To Relearn Your Voice

Siri does a pretty good job of learning your voice and dialect so it understands you. However, if you’ve found that it’s not doing a its job, Mac Observer points out that it’s easy to reset and start anew.

Pocket Beta Adds New Recommendations Tab To Find New Articles

Web/Android/iOS: Pocket has always been a bookmarking service, but they’re experimenting with a new way to find articles in a public beta, which is available right now to check out.

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