Google Releases Standalone PDF Viewer, For Those Without Google Drive

Android: PDF viewers are a bit like parachutes: if you discover you don’t have one right when you need it, you’re immediately having a bad day. To help, Google has released a standalone PDF reader.

Add A Messages 'Now Typing' Indicator To Your Mac's Menu Bar

Mac: Do you have that terrible kind of luck where it seems like someone sends you a message on Messages the second you leave your desk? iDownloadBlog shows off how to add a simple little typing indicator to your menu bar so you know when you’re about to get a new message.

Write Down What You Accomplished At The End Of Every Week

It’s easy to remember the pile of things you have to do in the future. Once it’s done, you’ll probably forget it quickly. At the end of every week, write down what you accomplished that week so you have something quantifiable to show for it.

Change Someone's Attitude By Pitching Into Their 'OK Zone'

It’s incredibly hard to shift someone’s perspective to your point of view, but it’s certainly not impossible. Harvard Business Review suggests finding someone’s “OK Zone” and working from there.

Briefly: Chinese Beauty Standards, Coffee Pod Malaise, Save $25 At Woolworths

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: China‚Äôs beauty standards explained, get The Fast & The Furious for free from Google Play, why the man who helped launch the coffee pod “feels bad” about it.

I'm Carl Pei, Co-Founder Of OnePlus, And This Is How I Work

The OnePlus One caused a bit of a shake-up to the affordable Android phone market: it’s off-contract, runs Cyanogenmod, features good hardware at a reasonable price — and rather than being designed in Silicon Valley, it hails from Shenzhen.

Virgin Mobile Offers Rollover Data On Postpaid Plans

Virgin Mobile is tweaking its contract (postpaid) plans so you can roll unused data from one month to the next — handy if you normally find your data allowance is enough but suffer the occasional blowout.

How To Pick Your Next Android Phone: 2015 Edition

Fun fact: there are roughly seven different model Android phones per human on the planet. While that statement isn’t actually true, it seems close. Since you’ve got things to do, here’s what matters when buying a new Android phone.

Perform Calculations And Converstions Right From The Chromebook App Launcher

Chromebook’s browser-based operating system may be focused on the web, but its built-in app launcher has a few tricks up its sleeve — including performing calculations and conversions without ever opening up a web page.

Briefly: Best Contact-Storing Apps, Aussie Robot Wars, 360-Degree Oculus Rift

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: The best apps for storing all your contacts, download the original Syndicate strategy game for free.