How To Use Your Temptations To Build Better Habits

Building habits is like training a dog — you want to reward yourself for a job well done. But there’s nothing that says you have to enjoy that reward after your “good behaviour”. Another technique, called “Temptation bundling”, lets you enjoy your reward while you build that habit, and it can be a very powerful tool.

Set Your iPhone To Use Speakerphone By Default

If you’re on a long drive or just prefer to use speakerphone generally, it’s a pain to set it every time you pick up a call. The iPhone’s accessibility options let you set this as a default.

Briefly: Entourage Movie Trailer, Electro Zelda, Slender Man 101

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch the Entourage movie trailer, a brief history of the “Slender Man” phenomena, in Soviet Russia, McMufins eat YOU.

Subtly Convince Someone You're Correct By Asking The Right Questions

Planting ideas into someone’s head is easy enough and over on BBC Future, they point out that simply asking the right kinds of questions is one of the easiest ways to make people come around to your way of thinking without them even realising it.

Why You Should Periodically Replace Your Surge Protectors

A decent surge protector is an important piece of equipment in any office or entertainment centre. They don’t last forever, though, so make sure to purge your surge every few years to keep your electronics protected.

The Definitive Guide To Winning An Argument

Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is nice. When you don’t see eye to eye with someone, here are the best tricks for winning that argument.

Embrace Autopilot To Get More Busywork Done

You have to make a lot of decisions every day. However, some things aren’t really decisions at all. For the routine tasks you have to get done, embrace — rather than avoid — running on autopilot.

Build A Friendship Faster By Sharing Secrets

As you get older, it can be tougher to make to new friends. You can help yourself out, though, by opening up and sharing secrets with someone you think might be interested in friendship.

Don't Be Afraid To Get Weird To Improve Your Creativity

Getting a job in a creative field can feel stifling. You have your own unique style, but employers have their own ideas. However, you need your personal weirdness to keep those creative juices flowing.

Briefly: Colour Coke Cash Bonanza, $20 Off At Delivery Hero

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Coke rakes in the cash with coloured cans, watch the latest gameplay footage for Batman: Arkham Knight, get $20 off takeaway orders from Delivery Hero.