Be More Likeable In Any Situation By Following The 'Platinum Rule'

You’ve probably been told the “golden rule” at some point in your life, but it’s not always ideal for those times you want to ooze charisma. That’s where the “platinum rule” comes in.

In Defence Of Design: When Form Matters As Much As Function

Everyone thinks they understand good design. While we all understand our tastes, there’s more to making a well-designed product than just making it pretty. Form and function have to combine to work well together, but they both need to be present. Here’s why form matters, when it makes a product better and when too much can actually make a product worse.

Enable TRIM For Third-Party SSDs In OS X With A Terminal Command

For whatever reason, Apple hasn’t allowed you to enable TRIM (one of the best ways to maximise the life of your solid state drive) on third-party SSD drives. Now, you finally can, no third-party app required.

Write About A Situation Objectively To Stop Overanalysing It 

Many of us have a bad habit of analysing a social situation to death. Maybe it’s a job interview question you bombed. Maybe you stuck your foot in your mouth with a friend. Whatever the scenario, writing about it can help you stop overthinking.

Briefly: New Ghostbusters Costumes, Magic Colours, Japanese Robot Wedding

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: New all-female Ghostbusters costumes revealed, cheap Disney Blu-rays, a celebration of everyday colour to make you smile.

Seven Strategies For Dealing With Toxic People

Are there people who constantly criticise you, tell you that you can’t do things, make you feel bad about yourself, even yell at you? These are toxic people. Dealing with them is never easy, but it’s such a difficult problem that it’s worth looking at some strategies you might consider.

What I Learned From Using A Meditation App For One Week (And Failing)

I like the idea of meditating. Taking time out to disconnect with the world and just… be. If only it were that simple. As it turns out, I couldn’t even keep it up for a single minute.

Ask LH: Are Grey Import Smartphones Safe To Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been waiting for the LG G4 since the early teasers and have just seen that it won’t be in Australia until mid-July. Or I can order a grey import today for about $200 cheaper. Assuming I buy from a reputable vendor and do my research to get the model that supports Australian LTE bands, what are the disadvantages of a grey import phone? Or are they basically the same?

The Easiest Languages For Native English Speakers To Learn

Depending on your circumstances, some languages can be harder to grasp than others. If English is your first language, these languages are widely considered to be the easiest to learn how to speak, read and write.

Huge Pushbullet Update Adds Instant Messaging, Chat Heads And More

Pushbullet, the force that binds your devices together, has gotten a huge update today. Now, you can chat with friends (or send messages to yourself) when you push a file. It’s also easier to send multiple files and the Windows app has even added Facebook-style chat heads.