Banish Nervousness When Speaking In Public: Remember It Feels Like Sex

If you’ve got stage fright, you’ll remember someone telling you “imagine the audience naked”. That advice makes sense if you realise that the symptoms of nervousness often match sexual arousal.

Have Clients Review You Online, Not Your Employer

If you’re in a business that meets with clients, consider asking them to review you and not your employer. That way your reviews will travel with you anywhere you go.

Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect To-Do List?

You might swear by a pen-crafted, bullet-pointed list or use some extravagant combination of apps and online calendars, but when push comes to shove, whatever method works for you is the best method. Still, there’s nothing wrong with refining your approach to the humble to-do, especially if it results in squeezing more productivity out of your day.

Reset A Quirky Windows Program To Its Defaults With The Registry

When a Windows program doesn’t behave, many of us uninstall and reinstall the application — which doesn’t always work. The How-To Geek explains the different ways of erasing Windows program settings.

Should You Turn Your Hobby Into A Business? Five Questions To Ask

Sure, you love your favourite after-hours activity now, but will you love it when it’s your only source of income? Turning your hobby into a business is a big decision, and you need to ask yourself a few questions before taking the plunge.

Why You Should Read Harry Potter (If You Haven't Already)

Harry Potter is the best-selling book series of all time, and the books are a lot of fun. But there could be more to the story of the boy who lived. Some recent studies have shown that reading the magical tale can increase empathy towards others.

How Smartphone Addiction Is Bad For Your Career

The joke among lecturers goes like this: you can receive “instant feedback” on your teaching simply by observing how many texts and social media posts your students send on their mobiles during class. If a student sends 20 messages during your three-hour session, your lecture is probably lacking and has likely failed to capture much of their attention. If, on the other hand, a student only sends five texts, your lecture must be excellent.

Assume Everything You Know Is Wrong To Come Up With Better Ideas

Coming up with creative solutions to complex problems is inherently difficult. “Thinking outside the box” is counterintuitive. If you’re having trouble, get started by assuming everything you know is wrong.

Google Now Offers 'Software Removal Tool' For Chrome Malware

Over the last few years, Google has taken progressively sterner steps to keep Chrome, its free-to-download web browser, a bastion of internet security. The most recent step was to lock down extensions, preventing those not sourced from the Chrome Web Store from being installed without jumping through various hoops. Now Google is offering a “Software Removal Tool” to purge unwanted nasties from the browser.

Secrecy Locks Your Files In Encrypted, Password-Protected Vaults

Android: We’ve talked before about how to protect your sensitive data. If you use an Android phone, Secrecy might be one of the better solutions. Not only does it hide files in password-protected vaults, it encrypts them when not in use.