Look Up Movies, Music And Locations With An OS X Shortcut

MAC: Command+Control+D has always been a handy shortcut for looking up the definition of a word on the Mac, but now in Yosemite you can look up a heck of a lot more, including suggestions from iTunes and the App Store.

Balanced Prompts You To Work On Your Goals, Tells You What To Do Next

iOS: Apps designed to help you build habits and achieve your goals are fairly common, but Balanced is one of the simplest and most flexible to use. Rather than making you feel guilty if you “break the chain“, the app gently reminds you of the stuff you would like to get done.

Set A Schedule To Take Control Of Your Health

Staying fit and healthy requires commitment, knowledge and a dose of good luck in the genetic lottery. One of the most important ways you can regain control of your health is to stick to a schedule. Here are the key elements you need to plan around.

Give Up On Unnecessary Projects To Accomplish More

You probably have one major project that’s been on your to-do list for ages. Weeks, or even months, in fact. Here’s a productivity tip that should help: just drop it.

Move Your Apple Photos Library With A Simple Setting Tweak

For better or worse, Apple’s new Photos app sets itself up automatically using your previous settings for iPhoto (if you had it). This can make it a bit confusing to deal with if you need to move things around. Thankfully, How-To Geek shows you how to change the location of the library.

Calendar Notify Adds Notify Widgets To Your Lollipop Lock Screen

Android: CalendarNotify’s particular take on mobile calendaring lies in the variety of ways it can show you a calendar notification.

More Numbers You Should Add To Your Emergency Contacts Group

By now you hopefully have at least one contact in your phone’s address book labelled as ICE (in case of emergency). In addition to this person, you might want to create an ICE group for quick access to all sorts of support you might need.

Any.do Adds Improved Navigation, Collaborative Lists

Android/iOS/Chrome/Mac/Web: It’s hard to pick a single to-do list manager we like, but Any.do has a lot to love. The service has updated all of its apps across all platforms with a slick new interface, collaborative lists, and tablet support.

Flashlight, The App That Powers Up Spotlight, Is Out Of Beta

Mac: We loved Flashlight when it first launched as an experiment and today it’s officially out of beta. That means it’s a little more stable and faster, and has a bunch of new plugins.

Use A Layered Reading Approach To Get Through Your Backlog Of Books

So many books, so little time. If you have trouble finishing books you’ve started or you just want to get through books faster , consider this “layered reading” technique.