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Google's Meter Live Wallpaper Hides System Stats In Plain Sight

Android: Getting at-a-glance information about your phone is always nice, but having a home screen full of numbers and bars can get ugly. Meter, a live wallpaper from Google, hides basic system information in plain sight.

Briefly: Anime Guide, Snapchat Hack, Surface Book Hands On

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Kotaku’s in-depth Spring anime guide, how to add more text on Snapchat, hands on with the Microsoft Surface Book.

How To Leave Apple's Public Beta Program On iOS And Mac

OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 are here, but if you’re not interested in getting the incremental public beta updates, you might be sick of seeing the update popups. You can easily head back to the public releases. Here’s how.

Nest Folders Inside Of Folders In iOS 9

With every release of iOS, we seem to get a new way to nest folders inside of folders. With iOS 9, Youtuber videosdebarraquito shows that it’s easier than ever.

How To Get Rid Of The Frequently Visited Sites In Mobile Safari

When you open up a new tab in Safari on iOS, you’re usually shown your most frequently visited sites. If your mobile browsing is as weird and random as mine, this is usually a hodgepodge of web sites you don’t actually visit that often. Thankfully you can turn it off.

Adobe Illustrator Draw Creates Vector Images, Exports To Desktop App

Android: Adobe Illustrator Draw is a powerful drawing app that allows you to create and modify vector images. You can even export them to the full Illustrator CC app on your desktop.

Call Someone On Speakerphone With A Google Now Command

You can do a lot of cool things with your voice on your phone, but did you know you can make phone calls, too? It’s pretty neat. Google Now can even initiate speakerphone calls directly with a voice command.

Briefly: Target Video Game Sale, Amiga Returns, Whalehacker

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Target slashes prices of all major video game consoles, Amiga 1200 stages a Kickstarter comeback, how blue whales maintain their monstrous size.

SidePlayer Plays YouTube Videos In The Corner While You Browse The Web

Chrome: It’s not hard to watch YouTube videos while you do other stuff online: just resize your windows and watch them side by side. But SidePlayer makes it even easier than that. You can watch a YouTube video straight from the page you’re on.

Fix Blurry Fonts In Windows 10 With This Utility

If you have a high-resolution display, you’ve probably noticed that some apps have blurry fonts when scaled up. Even stranger: some apps that used to scale well are blurry in Windows 10. Here’s a fix.

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