10 Tasks You Should Never Put On The Back Burner

When things get busy, we all have tasks we put off. Sometimes, items end up delayed out of necessity. If you are putting off the right things, it can be a good move to reduce your workload. But if you procrastinate on the wrong tasks, you might be setting yourself up for trouble later. So, what tasks should you avoid putting on your back burner?

Hide And Show Desktop Icons On OS X With An Automator Service

A cluttered desktop is not only distracting, it can slow down your Mac. If you want to temporarily hide your Mac’s desktop icons, you can do so with a simple AppleScript and Automator.

mResell Is A New Marketplace For Your Old Apple Gear

As we upgrade our systems or expand our networks, we inevitably end up with a few spare bits and pieces. Australian macworld magazine has teamed up with European reseller mResell to create a local market for used Apple equipment.

Do You Sleep Near Your Phone?

We all know we should avoid screens before bed and checking our email in the morning, yet many of us sleep with our phones right next to us. Do you?

Ask Yourself What Three Things You Need To Do Today

We love to-do lists, tracking tasks, and keeping an eye on everything that needs to get done. But Jeff Atwood suggests a different approach: every day, ask yourself what three things need to get done, and ditch the other lists.

The Substitute Is Back

It’s been a while since I last sat in the big chair at Lifehacker AU HQ. Since my last stint I’ve been travelling a lot covering all sorts of different tech – with a particular focus on security, dropped about 20 per cent of my body weight through getting smarter about exercise and diet, and moved house for the first time in a couple of decades.

Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted Easter eggs, sweet dreams, unlimited NBN and better Wi-Fi. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

TagSpaces Is A Cross-Platform, Tag-Oriented File Manager

Windows/OS X/Linux/Android/iOS/Chrome/Firefox: Each platform has its own file manager, and they all come with a unique set of features. TagSpaces offers a single manager for everything, with a focus on tagging your files.

How To Limit Gmail's Personalised Ads

Google’s algorithms have always scanned Gmail messages to display personalised advertisements, but a recent update to the terms of service has everyone talking about it again. You can’t stop scanning altogether, but if you want to limit what kinds of ads you see — and even get rid of some — you can do so with a few tweaks.

Briefly: LEGO PS4/Hobbit Hybrid, Science's Enduring Mysteries, The Perfect Male And Female Body

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Aussie creates a customised PlayStation 4/Hobbit diorama out of LEGO bricks, 10 amazing discoveries that remain unexplained by science, the perfect male and female body — according to both genders.