TrafficMonitor+ Combines Speed Tests And Mobile Data Tracking

Android: TrafficMonitor+ is a jack-of-all-trades app that includes speed testing, mobile and wifi data usage and a crowdsourced coverage map for Australian mobile providers.

LG Adds Budget Spirit And Leon Phones To Its Australian Offering

LG is gearing up to announce the not-at-all-secret LG G4, but meanwhile, it has also announced the LG Spirit and Leon phones for the Australian market.

Twitter Now Allows You To Receive Direct Messages From Anyone

Twitter has enabled a new feature where you can receive direct messages from anyone, regardless of whether or not you follow them back.

Shorten Breakfast To Brekkie For Maximum Accuracy

When breakfast sounds too informal, we’re happy to shorten it to brekkie. But what’s the correct way to spell that?

Fix The Moto 360's Flat Tyre With Little Worlds

Motorola’s Moto 360 is a decent Android Wear smartwatch, but its “flat tyre” display is a touch annoying. Here’s how to turn that flat into a feature.

Lifehacker's Total Guide To Download And Torrent Privacy

The recent Dallas Buyer’s Club case and the threat of metadata retention mean there’s more interest than ever in using VPNs and encryption to ensure your online activity can’t be tracked. Here are Lifehacker’s best and most popular guides on how to do that.

Instagram Updates Guidelines: Breastfeeding In, Buttocks Out

Instagram has updated its community guidelines with specific details on the types of nudity that are acceptable.

How To Get Twitter's New Star Wars Emojis

There’s a new Star Wars film coming, in case you haven’t noticed. Twitter is celebrating by adding new Star Wars-centric emojis.

How Much Does The iPhone 6 Cost Across The World?

In Australia we like to whinge about the cost of smartphones because of the ‘Australia tax’, but how do we rank compared to other countries? A new study comparing the costs of goods and services around the world includes a ranking of what you’ll pay to buy an iPhone 6 outright.

What’s The Second Most Common Language In Each Country?

Determining the primary language in a given country isn’t too tough, because it’s usually the official language. But what about the second-most used tongue?