Woolworths Is Planning A New Mobile Service, This Time With Telstra

Woolworths’ initial attempts at selling its own branded mobile plans using the Optus network ended with a quiet withdrawal from the market back in September 2013. Now it’s planning to try again — this time with Telstra.

Reminder: Facebook Messenger Shares Your Location With Every Message

You’re probably aware that Facebook collects a lot of information about you, and if you’re using the mobile Messenger app, that includes your location data as well. A new Chrome extension called Marauders Map lets anyone you’ve sent a message see that location information all at once.

Stop Talking And Start Listening To Become More Persuasive

When you want to change someone else’s point of view, it’s easy to assume that if you talk enough, people will listen. Often, that’s not the case, though. In reality, if you want people to come to your side of an issue, it helps to listen to theirs first.

Planhacker: The Best Long Expiry Prepaid Deals

If you’re travelling overseas for an extended work or holiday trip and want to keep your phone number for when you return, then moving it to a long expiry prepaid deal is your cheapest option. We’ve rounded up the best offers available from every major carrier in Australia.

Periscope Is Available On Android

When Twitter released its Periscope live video streaming app back in March, it was an iOS-only affair. Now you can use it on Android devices as well.

How To Craft A Better Online Dating Profile

The most daunting part about online dating (aside from, you know, talking to new people) is putting together a profile. It’s like writing a resume, but even more awkward. While those empty boxes can be intimidating, it’s not all that hard. Here’s how to craft a profile that will help improve your chances of finding a good match.

GIFs For Mac Makes Sure You Always Have The Perfect Reaction GIF Handy

Mac: GIFs is a simple, free app for the Mac that lets you search for the perfect GIF at the perfect time, get a link to paste it into a chat or email, or download it to your computer. If you communicate with GIFs (and honestly, who doesn’t at this point>), it saves you the effort of Googling around for the perfect one.

Telstra Is Bundling Stan And Presto For New Home Broadband Customers

Bundling streaming TV services is 2015’s most common strategy by telcos to try and attract new customers. The latest version? Telstra is offering a six-month subscription to both Presto and Stan for new customers on its home broadband services.

Ask For Clarification To Buy Time When Asked On-The-Spot Questions

Most people sound flustered or uninformed when asked an unexpected question. To avoid giving the wrong impression or putting your foot in your mouth, buy some time by asking for clarification.

Google Hangouts For Chrome Updated With A New Look

Windows/Mac: Google updated the Hangouts Chrome app today with a brand-new design that makes it a lot more appealing to use. The updated app looks a lot like the Android and iOS versions of Hangouts.