Optus Introduces Data Rollover On Pre-Paid Plans

Here’s some good news for phone users who hate “wasting” unused data. As part of a pricing revamp for its pre-paid mobile plans, Optus is allowing customers to hang onto their unused data up to a maximum of 10GB. The revised plan also now includes unlimited calls and texts.

The Most Common Embarrassing Social Blunders And How To Bounce Back

A few years back, a friend of mine experienced a classic foot-in-mouth moment. “Congratulations!” she said to a coworker, who dryly replied, “I’m not pregnant.” An embarrassment like that makes you want to crawl under a rock and never show your face again. Tempting, but it’s probably healthier to recover from that moment.

Microsoft Is Launching A Site To Help Teach Minecraft To Teachers

Minecraft has been a transformative title in the gaming sphere, but Microsoft’s ambitions for the title goes way beyond simply blowing up creepers for fun.

Be More Likeable In Any Situation By Following The 'Platinum Rule'

You’ve probably been told the “golden rule” at some point in your life, but it’s not always ideal for those times you want to ooze charisma. That’s where the “platinum rule” comes in.

Seven Strategies For Dealing With Toxic People

Are there people who constantly criticise you, tell you that you can’t do things, make you feel bad about yourself, even yell at you? These are toxic people. Dealing with them is never easy, but it’s such a difficult problem that it’s worth looking at some strategies you might consider.

Ask LH: Are Grey Import Smartphones Safe To Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been waiting for the LG G4 since the early teasers and have just seen that it won’t be in Australia until mid-July. Or I can order a grey import today for about $200 cheaper. Assuming I buy from a reputable vendor and do my research to get the model that supports Australian LTE bands, what are the disadvantages of a grey import phone? Or are they basically the same?

Huge Pushbullet Update Adds Instant Messaging, Chat Heads And More

Pushbullet, the force that binds your devices together, has gotten a huge update today. Now, you can chat with friends (or send messages to yourself) when you push a file. It’s also easier to send multiple files and the Windows app has even added Facebook-style chat heads.

Blow Into A Straw To Exercise (And Avoid Losing) Your Voice

The next time someone tells you to stop blowing bubbles in your drink, tell them you’re working on your singing career. As it turns out, blowing into a straw can help exercise your vocal cords and prevent losing your voice.

Facebook Now Tracks If You Prefer HD Video

Facebook is now doing some rather subtle tracking of your selection preferences when it comes to video, even if you don’t explicitly “like” it.

Make Better Conversation With The 50/50 Rule For Listening And Talking

Maybe you talk too much in conversation, or maybe you clam up. Either way, communication skills don’t come naturally for everyone. For a better conversational flow, use the 50/50 ratio for talking and listening.