How To Set Workable Rules For Kids And Technology

How do you make sure your kids are tech-literate without turning them into tech junkies? It’s never easy, but following these guidelines will help.

Gist Is Not Spelled With A J, Folks

The gist is simple: gist is spelled with a G, not a J. It’s one of a handful of English words which begin with a soft G sound and are spelled that way. Gin, anyone?

How To Choose A Mobile Phone For Your Kids

Know your kids will need a phone soon but not sure what to get? Follow these tips to make a choice that’s affordable and practical.

Avoid Being Misunderstood In Conversations By Altering Your Perception

It’s frustrating to be misunderstood in a conversation, especially when you think you’re being crystal clear. Fixing it is a matter of perception, but you need to focus on their perception, not yours.

Vodafone Doubles Data Allowances On Its Red Plans

Vodafone has doubled the amount of data offered on its Red mobile plans for new customers, with both contract and month-to-month plans seeing an increase. Here’s what’s being offered now.

Android's Messenger Adds Quick Replies And Conversation Widgets

Android: A new update to Google’s Messenger app brings two sweet new features: quick reply, and a conversation widget you can add to your home screen.

Stick To  General Questions When Meeting Someone New 

One of the best ways to elevate small talk into interesting conversations is to ask questions. Stick with more general questions to learn more about someone without being invasive.

The LG G4 Still Needs An Australian Release Date

Overnight, LG announced its new G4 Android smartphone. It’s an impressive device, but annoyingly we don’t have any confirmed release dates or pricing.

Embrace A Little Controlled Hostility When Confronting Others

When we have to confront someone else, it’s tempting to remove any and all hostility to the point of watering down our frustration completely. Outbursts aren’t helpful, but remembering why you’re annoyed and standing up for that feeling can help.

Australians Can't Make Video Calls On Facebook Messenger Yet

iOS/Android: Facebook’s latest enhancement to its Messenger app allows you to make video calls, adding to the existing text chat and voice call features. However, like so many Facebook enhancements, this isn’t being rolled out as a worldwide release, and Australia is not on the list of the first countries getting the feature.