What I Learnt About Dealing With People From Playing Games Online

Video games are more than just an entertaining time sink. Take them online and they can even teach us a few things about how to interact with other people. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt from online games about dealing with people in real life.

Look At People's Feet When Approaching A Conversation In Progress

Body language is a big part of human interaction, but some folks out there have a tougher time reading it than others. If you’re looking to join in on a conversation that’s already in motion, the participants’ feet can tell you whether it’s open to others or not.

How To Stop Being A Petulant Whiner

We all whine — some of us more than others. But unless you’re always walking around with a glass completely full, you probably turn to whining more often than you think. It’s possible to curb that behaviour, though, and the more you do, the happier you’ll be.

In Australia, It's Safest To Spell 'Yoghurt' With An 'H'

One of the most crucial factors with yoghurt is consistency — you want it to be rich and creamy. Unfortunately, consistency is not a hallmark of the English language, which is why there’s a lot of confusion over whether yoghurt or yogurt is the accepted spelling.

Ask For Clarification On What Was Said Before Taking Offence

Even your closest friend might say something that offends you. Whether you think it was unintentionally insensitive or a bluntly phrased form of feedback, you should ask for clarification on what your friend really meant to say. Otherwise, if you leave the incident hanging in the air, you might grow to resent your friend.

Facebook Releases Facebook Lite, Drastically Reduces App Overhead

Android: One of the biggest complaints about the Facebook app is that it can take up too many resources, particularly on older phones. This is probably why Facebook released Facebook Lite, a super-lightweight version of its app directed at developing markets.

Avoid Wasting Time On Social Networks By Creating A Game Plan First

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be a huge time suck. To reduce the amount of time you lose reading about other people’s lives, decide on a purpose before logging in.

How To Talk About Race With Your Kids

It would be wonderful if you could just say to children “people might look different and come from different places, but we’re all equal and should be treated the same” and leave it at that. But if recent news has taught us anything, it’s that reality is not so simple, and we need to face the topics of race and racism head on.

MegaChat Is A Browser-Based, Encrypted Voice And Video Chat App

Mega has been on our radar for secure file storage ever since the file storage phoenix rose from the ashes of MegaUpload. Now, the company has created MegaChat, which it bills as a secure alternative to Skype, offering browser-based voice and video chat.

Be My Eyes Pairs Volunteers With Blind People Who Need A Helping Hand

iOS: As you can imagine, even the simplest decisions without visual cues can be extremely challenging. Be My Eyes connects sighted people with the visually impaired through a live video feed to, as the name implies, be their eyes and help read objects or navigate their surroundings.