Planhacker: Best Prepaid Mobile Data Plans Under $50

Prepaid mobile plans are great if you want to stick to a budget, but which plan should you pick if you want the best possible data experience?

Use A "Bad Cop" When Negotiating To Help Make The Hard Calls

The hardest part of any negotiation is being tough. You want to make a demand or refuse a concession, but don’t want that refusal to shut down negotiations. In those cases, having someone to play “bad cop” — even someone who’s not there — can help.

Mind Your Language: Per Cent Or Percent?

Do you use per cent or percent when writing about breaking things up into parts of a hundred? There’s a technically correct way to do it.

The Best Way To Introduce People Over Email

When you’re introducing someone over email, you want to make sure all parties involved are completely comfortable with the intro. The “double opt-in” approach gives both parties a chance to decline without causing any problems.

This Graphic Teaches You How To Read Korean In 15 Minutes

Korean writing might look very complex and hard to learn, but the comic below by Ryan Estrada proves you can learn to read Korean in practically no time.

The Most Graceful Way To Abruptly End Unwanted Conversations

You can politely back out of unwanted conversations by excusing yourself and inviting the other person along, or you can even end it faster with attentive listening. Sometimes the most effective method, however, is to be abrupt and to the point.

Get Others To Pay More Attention To You With A Little 'Soft Conflict'

Conflict and tension aren’t necessarily bad for your personal and professional relationships. They can actually help foster stronger connections and get others to truly listen to you.

How To Identify A Narcissist (Before They Burn You)

A constant need for validation. A willingness to control people. A ruthlessness in getting their needs met. These are just some of the psychological traits that point towards a narcissistic personality disorder. Disturbingly, they are also common among people who succeed in business — and it usually isn’t a coincidence. Here are 15 signs of narcissism combed from psychology literature that you really don’t want to encounter in a boss or co-worker.

Kepler-452b Crib Sheet: Everything You Need To Know About 'Earth 2.0'

Today, NASA formally announced the discovery of a new Earth-like planet in our galaxy that could potentially harbour life. Indeed, there could be life on it right now. If your workplace is anything like ours, this will be the topic of conversation for the next few days — which means you’re going to need a cheat sheet of Kepler-452b factoids. Here’s everything we know so far…

The Best Way To Gracefully Bow Out Of An Expensive Activity

At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced that awkward moment where your friends make plans to do something that you can’t afford. Or maybe you helped make the plans but they have since changed and you can’t afford it anymore. Here’s the best way to handle those situations.