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Dealhacker: Get 12GB Of Data For $50 A Month With Virgin Mobile

The mobile data wars just keep getting better. In response to recent data bumps from Optus and Telstra, Virgin Mobile has hit back with one of the best deals we’ve seen in recent memory. For a limited time, new and existing customers can nab 12GB for $50 per month on Optus’ 4G network.

Gravitational Waves Are The Real Deal: Top Scientists Respond

One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity, which described how gravity warps and distorts space-time. While this theory triggered a revolution in our understanding of the universe, it made one prediction that even Einstein doubted could be confirmed: the existence of gravitational waves. Today, a century later, we have that confirmation.

Tips And Tricks For Using Google Voice Commands

Being able to make your smartphone do things by just giving it a verbal command can be exceptionally useful when your hands are busy or when you’re simply too lazy to type. Here are some ways you can use Google Now voice commands for your phone.

Remember The 'Three Audience Truths' Before Giving A Speech

Giving a speech or presentation in front of others is pretty nerve-wracking. If you remind yourself of the “three audience truths” before you go up in front of people, however, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to calm down and focus on your message.

Aussies Think A Pub Is The Best Place To Find Love

Pubs aren’t known for their classy atmosphere and usually serves as a meeting point for mates who just want to enjoy while watching sports game. But a majority of Australians believe a pub is the perfect place to find love, according to one study.

Spot A Liar By Increasing Their Cognitive Load With Open-Ended Questions

Lies are hard to come up with on the spot, even for seasoned liars. If you suspect someone is feeding you a false story, draw it out by making them think too much about their story.

The Woman Who Sent Man To The Moon: Margaret Hamilton

There are a number of names that most people associate with the momentous 1969 moon landing — Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, even Stanley Kubrick for dedicated conspiracy theorists — but Margaret Hamilton is not usually among them. Yet this pioneering woman was the lead developer for Apollo’s flight software in the days when working mothers were rare — let alone female computer scientists.

'Deeply Sorry' Telstra To Give Away Unlimited Mobile Data This Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, Telstra suffered a massive outage across its 3G and 4G networks which left thousands of people without mobile phone coverage. The telco has since issued an apology along with a promise of “free data” for all Telstra Mobile customers. Here are the details.

Dealhacker: Kogan Mobile Has Slashed 70% Off 30-Day Prepaid Plans

For a limited time, Kogan Mobile is offering 70 per cent off its 30-day prepaid mobile plans. Prices start at $8.95, which nets you unlimited standard calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 3GB of data to use over 30 days. For an extra $2, you can also up the data allowance to 5GB. Not too shabby!

Read It Later Showdown: Pocket Vs. Instapaper

When it comes to “read it later” services that let you save articles today to read when you have time, you only have two serious options these days: Pocket and Instapaper. Both are great, but they have diverged a bit over the years and play to different strengths. Let’s compare them, head-to-head.

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