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Xposed Framework Finally Gets Full Release For Lollipop 5.0 And 5.1

Android (rooted): Xposed, the awesome framework that allows you to roll your own customised version of Android, has finally reached a full, stable version for the newest Android versions. If you weren’t willing to take the chance before, now’s your time.

Use The Three P's To Defeat Your Inner Critic And Think Positively

How you talk to yourself inside your head can have a huge impact on how you act in real life. If you’re the type who struggles with an overly critical inner voice, you can try to change your habits with the three P’s.

Briefly: Nexus 5 Rumours, Cauliflower Pizza, Halo 5 Intro

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Delicious low-carb pizza recipe, Nexus 5 rumour roundup, Halo 5’s stunning video game intro.

The Best Desk Porn From IKEA's 2016 Catalogue

By now, you all should have received this year’s IKEA catalogue. If your district is still on the waiting list or you have a “No Junk Mail” sign festooned to your letterbox, fear not: we’ve assembled a gallery of the best new desks and work-friendly tables for you to feast your eyes on. Just don’t stare too hard — you might go blind.

Drivemode Uses Gestures And Your Voice To Control Your Phone While You Drive

Android: Controlling your phone while you drive isn’t very easy. Google Now and other voice assistants can do a lot, but Drivemode takes the idea a step further. It incorporates many of those voice commands with a simple, gesture and colour-based interface that’s powerful without being distracting.

Elevator Pitch: Locomote

Elevator Pitch is a regular feature on Lifehacker where we profile startups and new companies and pick their brains for entrepreneurial advice. This week, we’re talking with Philip Weinman from Locomote.

Kadenze Offers Free Online Classes On Art Studies And Creative Technology

We love online courses here at Lifehacker, but you may not be interested in studying law or learning how to code. For the more artistically inclined, Kadenze has free online courses on modern art, sound production and careers in media technology from academic institutions like Stanford, UCLA, Princeton and CalArts.

23 Horror Stories From The Worst Airlines In The World

Last week, Skytrax named and shamed the world’s worst airlines via its annual Star Ratings report. Airlines that received two stars or less were found to be below average in multiple categories and generally sucky across the board. But how bad are they really? We trawled Skytrax’s customer review page to find out what actual passengers have been saying. Some of the stories we found can only be described as living nightmares…

The Best Indoor Plants For Australian Offices

Adding a few plants to an office has been shown to make employees more productive. Despite this, many Australian offices remain flora-free. To kick off your own workplace greenery efforts, here are 10 plants recommended for Australia (with pictures).

Vysor Controls Your Android Phone From Chrome, No Android App Necessary

Chrome: There are a variety of ways to remotely control your Android phone. Vysor — from ClockworkMod, the developer behind other popular Android apps like AllCast, Helium and ROM Manager — may be one of the simplest solutions yet. All you need is a Chrome app.

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