How Your Smartphone Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, technologies such as smartphones and social media networks are almost always discussed in terms of the dangers they pose. Alongside concerns expressed in the media, some experts believe that technology has a role in the rising rates of mental health problems. However, there is also evidence to suggest your smartphone could actually be good for your mental health.

Use A Takeaway Menu As The Contact Photo For A Restaurant

Ordering takeaway food isn’t exactly difficult, but why not make it easier? Take a photo of the menu and make it the restaurant’s contact photo on your phone. Next time you’re craving delivery, you can skip searching for the menu in your junk drawer.

Build Towards Inescapable Conclusions To Inspire Like Winston Churchill

Giving a speech is intimidating. Winning over a crowd, even moreso. If you want to inspire the people you’re speaking to when you’re presenting, bring them to an inescapable conclusion.

Master Many Foreign Languages By Thinking Like An Actor

For those of us who aren’t polyglots, learning multiple foreign languages seems like a huge intellectual feat. BBC interviewed people who know 20 or more languages and found some common traits among them, including the ability to behave like a cultural chameleon.

The Coolest Android M Features Google Didn't Announce

Yesterday, at Google I/O, Google announced Android M and teased us with a bunch of cool features. Android M is already available for download on some devices, so there’s even more to discover in the preview. Here are just some of the sweet features that Google didn’t announce.

Google Smart Lock Saves Your Passwords, Logs In On Chrome And Android

Google already has many features to make it easier to manage the bajillion passwords you have. With an upcoming release of Google Play Services, the company will be introducing a feature called Smart Lock that can store your passwords for third-party services and log into them across devices.

NOVA's Evolution Lab Is An Interactive, Guided Tour Of The Tree Of Life

If you’re interested in biology, or are just curious what humans have in common with a mushroom, or how a bacteria could possibly be related to dinosaurs, the NOVA Evolution Lab is a crash course. You’ll learn how living things are related, what DNA is and how it works, and hear from biologists working in the field.

Stop Putting Off Chores By Timing Yourself Doing Them

If you find yourself staring at a sink full of dirty dishes, thinking it would take forever to do them, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Time yourself doing your chores and you’ll realise you get things done a lot faster than you thought.

Briefly: New Scrabble Words, Aussie Movie Frenzy

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including new words for Scrabble and the best Aussie movies to watch this weekend.

Makerbook Is A Huge Collection Of Free Resources For Creative Projects

When you’re working on a big project, tracking down free assets is often key to keeping costs down. Makerbook is a collection of places where you can find free assets, including mockups, audio and image.