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The Cloud: It's Even Bigger Than You Think

Cloud computing sounds compelling, but deployments often bog down in details and internal politics. The key to making the most of cloud computing is to recognise the breadth of solutions it offers but choose just those options that meet immediate business needs.

How To Protect Your Network In A BYOD World

If your business is pursuing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy, effective network management and security becomes critical. How can you ensure resources are accessible to staff who need them but not vulnerable to attack? The answer could lie in an often-maligned technology: network access control (NAC).

Five Ways To Make Public Transport Work Better

Public transport is an important component of reducing our dependence on private cars and making commuting less horrific, but it’s also a massive and frequent source of complaints. Here are the five ways in which public transport can be enhanced to make it more effective.

How To Make The Most Of Analytics

Developing skills in data analysis is a great way to advance your IT career. But how can you make the most of analytics, both for building your career and for building your business? Here are some simple tips to get you started.

How To Give Everyone The Computing Power They Need

In the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era, worker demands have to be balanced against business security requirementss. What strategies does your business need to keep everyone happy and productive? This is an extract from Lifehacker’s new ebook Working Smarter: The Technology & Tactics You Need To Get Ahead In Business; download the full version here.

Projects That Will Look Good On Your Resume

When future employers examine your resume, they won’t just look at job titles: the projects you worked on will be a key issue. Which ones will give you the best chance of being noticed and advancing in your IT career? We picked the brains of Gartner senior vice president and head of research Peter Sondergaard for some ideas.

How To Maximise Your Server Infrastructure

Servers remain the backbone of business IT infrastructure, but in the cloud era your choice is far more complex than just choosing hardware and an operating system. We walk through the key factors you need to consider and the strategies you can use to maximise the performance of your server systems.

The Technology And Tactics You Need To Get Ahead In Business

Technology was supposed to make life easier, but the end result is often that we feel more swamped than ever. How can you make the right technology and organisational choices to work smarter, not harder? This is an extract from Lifehacker’s new ebook Working Smarter: The Technology & Tactics You Need To Get Ahead In Business. Download the full version here for free.

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