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AirSet Creates 'Cloud Computers' For Your Data

Free web desktop AirSet probably fits into your working habits better than most other desktops, because it runs like a multi-tasking computer and hooks into your existing data pretty tightly. Our ingenious (and Firefox-obsessed) intern AsianAngel loves AirSet, and let us know that it recently rolled out new features and updates to the “cloud computer,” so we signed up, took some screenshots, and shared them below.

gOS Cloud Brings A Web-Based Operating System To Your Browser

Last year we showed you a new, lightweight Linux-based operating system called gOS (aka Good OS) with an emphasis on integrating web-based applications with your desktop. gOS first gained notoriety as the operating system on Walmart’s $US199 PC, and now the good folks at gOS have put together a new, super-lightweight operating system for netbooks called gOS Cloud that runs entirely inside a web browser (which looks like it’s probably a tweaked version of Google Chrome). Details are scant, and there doesn’t seem to be an available download yet, but gOS Cloud looks like it could be the perfect OS for your netbook or aging computer. Until then, the original version of gOS is already available for download and works great.

gOS Cloud [via CNET]

Photoshop Express Adds Flickr Support

Web-based image editor Photoshop Express adds Flickr to its list of importable sources. Now you can grab images from your Flickr account, edit them in PS Express, and put them back all prettified without downloading a thing. It’s not full-on Photoshop, but still a great web-based editor for your Flickr photos.

Zoho Sheet Adds Macros and Pivot Tables

Today web-based office suite maker Zoho adds pivot tables and VB macros to their online spreadsheet product. You may not use Zoho’s online office suite because you’re lazy and already have a Google Account, but Zoho keeps kicking Google Doc arse in the features department.

MindMeister 2.0 Launches

Web-based mind mapping tool MindMeister launches version 2.0, with an impressive roster of new features like node attachments, task tracking fields, and extensive map-sharing. Give it a whirl after you check out our beginner’s guide to mind-mapping meetings. [via]

DarkCopy Online Fullscreen Text Editor

Simple web-based text editor DarkCopy is an online clone of previously posted distraction-free word processor Writeroom. Dispense with all the toolbars, pull-downs, and context menus at DarkCopy, a full-screen editor out to help you focus on writing and nothing else. No registration is required to use DarkCopy, which can save your jottings as a text file to your desktop. Thanks, Jason! DarkCopy

Easily Install Prism-Powered Web Apps in Ubuntu

If you’re already using the Hardy Heron Beta, the next version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, you’ve also got a dead-simple means of getting web apps like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Facebook, and others running in Mozilla’s online/offline access program, Prism. The Ubuntu 8.04 repositories already have a lot of Google and a few other apps available for installing (sudo apt-get install prism-google-mail installs a Gmail interface, for instance), but you create more using the official Firefox add-on. Hit the link for Tombuntu’s expanded explanation, and leave your impressions of the Ubuntu/Prism integration in the comments. Easily Install Prism Web Apps in Ubuntu [Tombuntu]

Google Spreadsheets Adds Gadgets and Autocomplete

Google rolls out a few impressive new features to its online spreadsheets offering today, including cell autocomplete, iGoogle gadgets, and notifications about collaborative edits. Autocomplete works the way any desktop spreadsheet does: as you type, if the cell contents match a past entry, Spreadsheets will suggest the value. As for data collection and sharing, you already know you can ask others to fill in a spreadsheet with a user-friendly form. Now you can get notifications whenever a sheet gets updated, down to a specific range of cells or via a form. Finally, you can track the status of your spreadsheet on your iGoogle homepage by creating a data widget, which updates as your spreadsheet does. Pretty nifty. Google Spreadsheets Adds Gadgets, a Directory of Features [Google Operating System]

Set Up a Web-Based Desktop with EyeOS

When you’re at a computer that’s missing a vital file or application, like an office workstation that’s locked down, a friend’s system or coffee shop computer, you can still get to a desktop that contains your essentials—on the web. A “webtop” is a virtual desktop that you access using only a browser, and it can include much of the stuff you’d expect on a local computer desktop: like file storage and management, a calendar, RSS reader, email client, and photo viewer. While there are several web desktops available these days, the free and open source EyeOS application is the most accessible, useful, and promising one out there. Follow along to see what a web-based desktop looks like, and how it can help you get things done when you’re locked down or out of pocket.

Zoho Writer Updates with Better Office Compatibility

Zoho Writer, part of one of Lifehacker’s favorite (and underhyped) webapps, has added a bunch of new features, and many of them add to the online office app’s appeal to even grizzled Microsoft Office veterans. Most significantly, Zoho now exports to the Office 2007 .docx format, and its creators promise import is coming soon. Also, when exporting to Word formats, headnotes, footnotes, headers and footers will be retained with proper formatting. FInally, a 10-language thesaurus is available for right-click use, and users can create groups of users to share documents with, rather than entering individual email addresses each time. Pretty nifty stuff, and another good reason to check out Google Docs’ main competitor. Zoho Writer Update: DocX Support, Thesaurus, Group Sharing & More [Zoho Blogs via CyberNet]

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