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Software Developers Can Find Jobs Just About Anywhere In The World

If you’re a software engineer or developer, chances are you won’t have a problem finding a job if you decide to uproot from your home country and move abroad. That’s according to research from global specialist recruitment firm Michael Page.

Atlassian Splits Project Tracking Service Jira Into Three To Appeal To Non-Techies

Over a decade ago, Atlassian created Jira, a bug tracking tool that has evolved and gained popularity with software developers for tracking and planning projects. It’s the product that made Atlassian the most successful Australian startup and it has now been split into three standalone offerings to make it more accessible to business users, not just software developers.

Biggest Challenges For Software Developers Today

Software development is a dynamic industry and developers are finding it a challenge to stay on top of new technologies for their profession. That’s according the Applications Developers Alliance’s first ever Developer Insights report. We breakdown the results the report’s results.

How To Choose The Right Desktop Software For Your Business

Which operating system do you need? Which applications are essential for all staff members? How will you ensure that your organisation complies with relevant regulations? This in-depth guide will attempt to answer all your software questions (along with some you haven’t thought of.)

Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Pirate Software I Already Own?

Dear Lifehacker, if a program I have legitimately purchased is a pain to activate (for example, it’s a few years old and the licence key is no longer supported), can I find an “alternative” way to make the program work? Can a business do the same thing?

The New Way To Buy Software: 'Permissionware'

We’ve been through the shareware era. We have donationware, subscription software and plain, old buy-it-in-a-box software. But the latest way to “pay” for software is by giving apps permission to access your location, camera and other data on your smartphone.

The Best Bundles That Save Money On Multiple Purchases

Whether you’re shopping for books, music, software or video games, the web is full of “bundles” — discounted packs where you can get lots of goodies at a bargain price. Here are some of the best to check out.

The Apps You Need To Deauthenticate Before Selling Your Devices

Selling a computer, smartphone or tablet should be as easy as wiping all your personal data off of it and handing it over to the buyer, but sometimes there are little hidden authentication tricks you might forget about. From iTunes to the Kindle app, here’s everything you need to deauthenticate before you sell your device.

Can Single-Purpose Mobile Apps Replace Monolithic Desktop Software?

When your workplace shifts into a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, whether willingly or unwillingly, it quickly becomes apparent that full-blown office suites designed for keyboard and mouse access aren’t going to be as useful. One solution to that dilemma is to develop single-purpose apps for tablets and mobiles. But how quickly can they be deployed, and will businesses cough up the money needed to build them?

How New Regulations Will Control Health Apps

People who use mobile devices to monitor their health may be surprised to hear that up until now, there has been little definitive guidance on what medical apps need regulatory approval. In some cases, this represents a real risk as mobile phone apps and devices attached to phones come onto the market that can measure everything from blood pressure to blood sugar as well as tell you what is in your urine.

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