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Microsoft Changes User Number Requirements For Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement currently offers the best value on its software to organisations with at least 250 users. But that is set to change as Microsoft plans to alter its Enterprise Agreement policy so smaller organisations won’t be able to access the discounts anymore. Here are the details.

Use Google's VirusTotal Service To Identify Dodgy Firmware Updates

Most people are familiar with firmware on a very basic level given that they are often prompted to download firmware updates on computing devices such as smartphones, laptops, printers and routers. Yet many are oblivious to the potential security risks that firmware can bring. To address this, Google’s malware scanning service VirusTotal can now help users identify harmful firmware.

Don't Ignore The Small Bugs When You're Developing An App

When you’re working on an app, as an individual or in a team, it’s easy to let some of the smaller problems slide such as bugs that are not deemed to be high priority. But these small issues can pile up and before you know it they turn into a big problem that you can’t ignore. Here are four simple rules to fix this.

Microsoft Tools That Can Purge eDellRoot From Your Dell Computer

Last week we reported that Dell computers were being shipped with a security flaw similar to Lenovo’s “Superfish”. It involved a root certificate called eDellRoot. While Dell itself has released instructions on how to remove the certificate from its computers, Microsoft has come to the rescue by providing tools that will get rid of eDellRoot automatically.

Sharing Work Is Easier With An Open Document Format

We often wish to share electronic documents with friends, colleagues, business or government, and the software application we use to prepare these documents will save them in a particular format.

Any application that later loads the document will also need to be able to understand this format. If an organisation can control the format, and convince people to use it, then they can use this as a very powerful tool to create a monopoly in the market.

Software Developers Can Find Jobs Just About Anywhere In The World

If you’re a software engineer or developer, chances are you won’t have a problem finding a job if you decide to uproot from your home country and move abroad. That’s according to research from global specialist recruitment firm Michael Page.

Atlassian Splits Project Tracking Service Jira Into Three To Appeal To Non-Techies

Over a decade ago, Atlassian created Jira, a bug tracking tool that has evolved and gained popularity with software developers for tracking and planning projects. It’s the product that made Atlassian the most successful Australian startup and it has now been split into three standalone offerings to make it more accessible to business users, not just software developers.

Biggest Challenges For Software Developers Today

Software development is a dynamic industry and developers are finding it a challenge to stay on top of new technologies for their profession. That’s according the Applications Developers Alliance’s first ever Developer Insights report. We breakdown the results the report’s results.

How To Choose The Right Desktop Software For Your Business

Which operating system do you need? Which applications are essential for all staff members? How will you ensure that your organisation complies with relevant regulations? This in-depth guide will attempt to answer all your software questions (along with some you haven’t thought of.)

Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Pirate Software I Already Own?

Dear Lifehacker, if a program I have legitimately purchased is a pain to activate (for example, it’s a few years old and the licence key is no longer supported), can I find an “alternative” way to make the program work? Can a business do the same thing?

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