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The Dos And Dont's Of Packing A Kids' Lunch Box

With the start of another school year upon us, parents are once again tasked with making daily lunch boxes. A “super” school lunch doesn’t require fancy stuff like quinoa, blueberries and kale: instead, all you need are simple core foods that are healthy and tasty.

Deep-Frying Vegetables Can Actually Add Nutritional Value

You’ve probably heard that deep-frying is the absolute worst way to prepare anything ever, but a study published in Food Chemistry has found that it can actually add nutritional value to some vegetables.

Top 10 Ways To Tame And Deal With Your Allergies

Sneezing, wheezing, and otherwise feeling like hell: Allergies are a special kind of everyday torture. Although we don’t have a cure for your food or environmental allergies, we do have some proven tips to help you suffer less and minimise allergic reactions. Here are our top 10 tips for people who suffer with allergies.

Why We Get Angrier At Our Partners Than Other People In Our Lives

Humans are complicated. Sometimes we do things that make zero sense yet still seem perfectly reasonable to us on an emotional level. For example, many of us have a habit of automatically blaming things our partner, spouse or significant other. This video from School of Life explains why.

What Procrastination Does To Your Body

Video: Waiting until the last minute can actually do a number on your body. If you have a paper, presentation or something else due soon, the normal response is to procrastinate. It may feel gratifying, but all that stress and tension has serious effects on your health.

It's Time To Stop Eating Bagged Salads

It pains me to say this, because I’m lazy. But after the umpteenth outbreak of food poisoning from bags of freshly washed greenery, I think it’s time we all stop eating bagged salads.

Your Guide To Avoiding Outdated Baby Care Advice

Parenting advice changes over time, so if you’re a new parent you may be dodging weird advice from your parents. Or if you’re a total parenting know-it-all, some whippersnapper might try to tell you things are different now. Here’s everything that’s changed and why, according to pediatricians and safety experts.

80 Years Later: How To Win Friends & Influence People Is A Strange Version Of Self-Help

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People is one of the best selling self-help books of all time. The book has influenced a wide range of people over the years, from Warren Buffett to Charles Manson. Those two people, Buffet and Manson, really express the weirdness that is Carnegie’s book in the modern era. Let’s dig into it.

Think Of Calories Burned As Willpower Gained For Exercise Motivation

Rather than looking at your workout in terms of simple calories burned, think of it as “willpower gained” instead. Willpower is limited, and earning more gives you more motivation and self-control in the short and long term.

Coles And Woolworths Lettuce Linked To Salmonella Outbreak

Several brands of pre-packed lettuce mixes sold at Coles and Woolworths have been recalled following a major salmonella outbreak in Victoria. Affected products include Coles 4 Leaf Mix, Woolworths salad mix, SupaSalad Supamix and Wash N Toss salad mix; all of which are sold in multiple states and territories.

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