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Lovehacker: Can A Pelvic Floor Exercise Tool Improve Your Sex Life?

A weak pelvic floor has the potential to ruin your sex life. (Imagine tossing a hot dog down a hallway and you might understand why.) Pelvic floor exercise tools help in this area by strengthening the vaginal walls. According to some sources, they can also improve sex for women who are already nice and tight down there. To find out, I tested the ‘Pelvic Toner’ for three weeks. Read on for the sordid verdict.

Add A Pinch Of Salt To Fruit For Enhanced, Fruitier Flavour

Fruit might sound like an odd food to add salt to, but it can actually bring out the fruit’s flavour and aroma, as well as reduce bitterness in unripened fruit or bitter foods like grapefruit.

How I Learned To Love Cycling (And How You Can Too)

Once you finally cross that threshold where exercise becomes a routine, there’s a big “what’s next?” question that pops into your brain. For many of us, simply doing the work just isn’t exciting enough. As a cyclist, I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone to keep things interesting.

Introduce Your Friends To Each Other To Boost Everyone's Happiness

Even if you have a vibrant social circle, chances are you know someone around the periphery that is a bit more lonely. Introducing them to other people and inviting them to events can not only help them, but it can make everyone involved more happy.

Friend Or Foe: What The Shape Of Your Face Says About You

When it comes to forming relationships, first impressions are important. Unfortunately, science suggests that the shape and width of your face can have a significant impact on what people think of you — and that’s before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Nine Ways To Sleep Smarter

Nothing kills your ability to get things done faster than a bad night’s sleep. Studies show that sleep deprivation comes at a significant cost to work productivity — yawning employees find it hard to stay alert, make good decisions, focus on tasks or even manage a friendly mood at the office. There are lots of ways to beat insomnia, increase the quality of your sleep, and master the power nap. Here are nine of our favourite sleep techniques, tips and facts.

The Ideal Temperature for Beer, Coffee And Other Beverages

Depending on how chilled or warm a drink is, its taste can vary. Temperature can affect flavours and aromatics, and this infographic lays out the ideal serving temperatures for beer, tea, wine, coffee, and more.

The Truth About Bottled Water Expiration Dates (And How Water Goes Bad)

Bottled water is sold with an expiration date on the label, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still drink it once the date has passed. This video explains how water can potentially become undrinkable, and when it’s safe to drink otherwise.

Ask LH: Can A Former Cancer Sufferer Get Life Insurance?

I had Cancer 17 years ago, treatment went perfectly and I have been clear since. However, now it seems impossible for me to get life or accident insurance, which leaves a big burden for my family if something should happen to me. Is there any way I can get life insurance? I have had letters from doctors, but I always end up rejected on applications. Thanks, David

How To Treat The Three Most Common Types Of Headache

We all get headaches from time to time. In fact, nearly every second person in the world had a headache at least once in the past year. But these can feel very different, depending on which of the nearly 200 types of headache you have.

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