This Chart Helps You Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Different sunglasses look better on different faces. Sure, you could try them all out until you find one that works, but if you need a little help, here’s an infographic that will help narrow it down for you.

List Your Own 'Personal Commandments' To Chart A Path To Happiness

Happiness is a decision that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Figuring out the values you have now, and desire to live up to one day, is one of the primary steps to learning how to be happy.

Veghacker: Why I'm Not Eating Any Meat In November

It has been far too long since I undertook a food challenge for Lifehacker. So I’ve decided that during November I will adopt a vegetarian diet and give up meat altogether.

How To Get Fit Without Exercising

To remain healthy, you need to exercise regularly — but does that mean you have to schedule time at the gym? One study suggests that it’s possible to get enough physical activity for good health through housework, gardening and washing the car.

Choose The Right Mattress For Your Body Type

Just as you should select a pillow based on your sleeping style and to correct body problems, choose the proper mattress that will support your spine (and not cause pain).

Fitness Is A Skill, Not A Talent: Here's How To Develop It

As a fitness coach and the co-founder of Fitocracy, I’ve been exposed to the success stories and fitness challenges of countless people. When they fail to meet their fitness goals, people often tell me that they don’t have innate talent. Instead, they should think of fitness as a skill to be refined and improved upon.

Worry Watch Tracks Your Anxiety And Helps You Analyse Your Worries

iOS: Even if you don’t have a panic disorder, sometimes you might worry about stuff that turns out OK in the end. Things aren’t always bad as they seem. Worry Watch helps you track what’s bothering you and reminds you to log the outcomes.

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips From Beyondblue's Brian Graetz

Dr Brian Graetz is the general manager of beyondblue; an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia. One of the issues the company deals with daily is cyberbullying which currently affects up to 10 per cent of all Australian teenagers. Here are some expert tips from Graetz to help parents deal with personal online attacks aimed at their kids.

Where To Start When It Feels Like Nothing Is Going Right In Your Life

Everyone has times in their life when they feel demotivated, lost and unhappy. You’re in a rut, and you don’t know how to get out of it. Life may keep piling it on, but here are a few starting points for how you can climb out of your hole and get back on track.

What Science Tells Us About Flirting

Flirting comes in many forms: a casual gaze that lingers a half second longer than necessary, a light touch, an amorous expression, an overenthusiastic laugh during conversation, or even some playful or overtly sexual banter.