If you're feeling generous, you have more options than to open your wallet or build a giftable DIY project. You have plenty of homegrown body parts you can donate to people in need. From blood and hair to your entire body, here are things you can contribute to a good cause now, or when you don't need them any more.


Dear Lovehacker, you might need a notepad for this bizzare love parallelogram. I am friends with two married couples. Let's call them Sally & Steve and Greg & Amelia. Greg and Amelia had been arguing recently, so Steve hung out with Amelia to console her. One thing led to another and they started banging. Amelia kicked Greg out and he worked out why. He still had the keys to their place, so he snuck in one day when they were going at it hammer and tongs. He snapped some pictures and sent them to Sally. And then things got even worse.


Anyone who has tried to lose weight and keep it off knows how difficult the task can be. It seems like it should be simple: Just exercise to burn more calories and reduce your calorie intake. But many studies have shown that this simple strategy doesn’t work very well for the vast majority of people.


We've all had moments in which we've felt completely hopeless and helpless. During those moments, you struggle to figure out how to move forward. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there's anything you can do to move forward. When all else fails, try helping someone else.


Breakups suck no matter what time of year they happen, but they're particularly rough during the holidays. While everyone is celebrating, you're struggling with loneliness and heartbreak. Whether you were on the giving or receiving end of a breakup, here's how to cope with the loss during the holidays.


A handful of nuts a day could keep the grim reaper away, according to new research. A sweeping analysis of current research shows that people who eat at least 20g of nuts each day are less likely to develop potentially fatal conditions such as cancer and heart disease. (Provided you don't have nut allergies, of course!)


Few things are scarier than watching someone you love freak out uncontrollably at night — even if they won't remember. Scarier still is hearing that someone was you from a loved one or roommate. Those are night terrors, and they're no ordinary nightmares. Here's why and when they happen, and how you can stop them.


Thinking about using sex toys? Good for you! Aiming for deeper sexual happiness makes good sense, because being sexually fulfilled leads to all kinds of health and psychological benefits, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

There’s a wonderful world of sex toys out there for you to explore. Things that buzz, things to put inside you, things to put yourself into (if you’re a bloke), things that restrain or tease… there’s so much variety, and enormous pleasure to be had.