How Your Car Is Making You Fatter

A new study has shown that travelling to work via public transport is healthier than using your car — at least when it comes to your waistline. On average, people who drive to work tend to be around 3kg heavier than those whose commute is more active. In other words, that five-minute walk to the bus stop really does make a difference.

The Science Of Depression Explained In A Simple Video

Depression is something that affects all of us at some point and understanding what’s going on in the body is useful to explain depression as a whole. The folks at AsapSCIENCE break it down.

Stick Your Tongue Out To Release Tension From Your Body

When we get stressed, we tense our muscles. Our neck, shoulders and back all feel tight. One way to release that tension is an exercise that involves sticking out your tongue. Entrepreneur contributor Arthur Joseph has an exercise (that you’ll probably want to do in private) to help you loosen up a bit.

Why The Science Of Salt And Health Can Be Unsavoury

This week, the New England Journal of Medicine published three papers about the effects of salt consumption on health. Their apparently contradictory findings have served to further fuel an unwarranted debate about the harms, or otherwise, of excessive dietary salt.

How Your Diet Affects Your Offspring's Health (Even Before Conception)

Most parents realise their dieting habits can have an adverse affect on the development of their baby. However, it turns out that environmental factors prior to conception have more influence on a child’s future than previously thought. Your lifestyle choices can greatly influence your offspring’s genes and impact their long term health — before they even exist.

Hypoxi Australia Tested: Losing Weight As A Sweaty Vacunaut

I’ve lived something of a double life over the last 4 or so weeks. By all appearances, I’ve ducked out to the gym at lunch as I sometimes do. But that’s not entirely true. I’ve actually been hitting the treadmill wearing a semi-airtight wetsuit attached to a series of tubes forcing positive and negative air pressure around my stomach and love handles. This is Hypoxi weight loss and it actually works. This is my sweaty story.

Practise Self-Compassion To Improve How You Feel About Yourself

I’ve been thinking about self-esteem lately, and how you can never have too much of it (or so I thought). I wanted to find out more about how self-esteem works and how to give it a boost when it’s running low. I was surprised to find that self-esteem isn’t as straight-forward as I’d thought — what matters more is self-compassion.

Study Shows School Hand Sanitisers Do Not Reduce Flu Levels In Kids

Australia is currently experiencing one of its worst flu seasons in recent memory. There are consequently lots of kids at home with the sniffles — and the level of germ-awareness at their school appears to make little difference. According to a new scientific study, providing alcohol-based hand sanitisers in classrooms does not reduce school absences in children.

The Best Colours To Paint A Bedroom For A Good Night's Sleep

You need about seven hours of sleep to be productive. You can increase the chances of getting those by sleeping in a bedroom that is coloured blue, yellow, green, silver or orange.

The Flu In Australia Really Is Worse This Year

Turns out it’s not just your office where everyone appears to be on sick leave. The number of reported flu cases in Australia this year is more than double what it was in 2013.