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10 Great Ways To Reuse Stuff You Might Otherwise Chuck Out

Making clever use (or reuse) of stuff that’s just lying around is a staple principle here at Lifehacker, so we figure there’s no better way to finish that coverage than with a roundup of our favourite recycling and repurposing hacks. Enjoy!

Safest Ways To Reheat Leftovers And Avoid Food Poisoning

The microwave is everyone’s go-to when it comes to reheating the previous night’s dinner, but you should take extra care to make sure those leftovers are safe enough to be today’s lunch. Here’s how.

Impress Your Party Guests With Cocktails Served Inside Orbs Of Ice

Sure, you could just pour some soda on top of some vodka and call it good. Or you could make fancy, cocktail-filled orbs of ice and literally break into a good time.

How Being Dehydrated Affects Your Mind And Body

Video: Water is super important to your health. While most of us know that we should be drinking enough water, you might not know what can happen to you body if you don’t. This video breaks it down.

Make Your Own Conductive Greeting Card That Lights Up When Touched

Perhaps a bit late for Valentine’s Day, but this surprisingly easy project could be just the thing to add a personal — and enlightening — touch to your next important date.

Make A DIY Fizzy Bath Bomb For Your Valentine

Need a last minute gift for your one and only that shows how much you care? Give them the gift of relaxation. These DIY fizzy bath bombs are easy to make and beat a box of chocolates.

Top 8 Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas

You can have a great, romantic time with your significant other without spending a fortune. Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day outing or quality time any other day of the year, here are at least eight cheap date ideas that won’t make you look cheap.

Save Your Knees With Exercise Modifications

If your knees ache when you do squats or lunges, don’t despair — there are ways to modify those exercises to take some pressure off while letting you still get that workout in.

Steam Eggs In A Rice Cooker For The Easiest-To-Peel Eggs Ever

Steaming may be the best way to make perfect soft-boiled eggs that are dead simple to peel. Do it in the rice cooker for consistent results each time.

Beetroot Juice Might Actually Make You Stronger

Everybody has their pre-competition rituals, but I swear everybody in the locker room thought I was a weirdo for wolfing down beetroot before games. You’ve gotta eat something, right? And beets might actually help you in sports that require bursts of strength.

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