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The First Thing You Should Do To Get Your Money In Order, According To A Financial Planner

Money isn’t as complicated as it seems, but when your finances are out of control, managing money does indeed seem overwhelming. To get started, here’s the first thing you should do, according to one financial planner.

Hump Day Deals: Cheap Sony TV, 20% Off eBay, Free VR Headset

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: Get a 55-inch Sony HD TV for under $1000, 20% off at 28 eBay stores, score a free virtual-reality headset from Myer and eBay.

Learn The Basics Of Surface Mount Soldering To Solder On A Small Scale

Video: For most of us, soldering electronics means soldering on “through hole components” that are large and easy to handle. However, when machines build components, they use “surface mount components”, which are much smaller. Over on YouTube, Adafruit shows off how to deal with these tougher surface mount components.

The Best Time To Plan Your Garden Is In The Winter

Even if it’s absurdly cold out there, now’s the time to start thinking about your garden.

14 International Sandwiches You Need To Eat Before You Die [Infographic]

Every country has their own unique take of the sandwich. While most are boringly pedestrian, there are a handful that stand out as truly inspired (not to mention bloody delicious.) This infographic breaks sown the top 14 sandwich interpretations from around the world — from the Philly cheesesteak to the chip butty. (And yes, Vegemite sammies made the cut!)

Two Simple Upgrades Will Make Your Washer And Dryer Last Longer

Dealing with the damage from a burst washer hose or dust-clogged dryer duct is expensive and frustrating. Upgrading both those items will make your appliances safer, more efficient and last longer.

Make Use Of An Unripened Avocado By Turning It Into A Garnish

You thought you bought a ripe avocado, but when you slice it open, it’s still too hard to be used for guacamole or a BLAT sandwich. Instead of wasting it, grab your grater and make a tasty, great-looking garnish.

Five Creative Ways To Use Hummus That Don't Involve Dipping

From a hummus soup with the texture of miso to hummus-stuffed falafel and a hummus potato salad, Brothers Green Eats offers up five different ways to incorporate hummus into amazing dishes you may never have thought of — assuming any hummus is left in your fridge after opening it.

Here's Everything Coming To Netflix, Stan And Foxtel This June

While neither Stan, Presto nor the Australian Netflix library has anything near the range of US streaming services, every month we get just a little more. Foxtel is also adding a number of hugely popular titles to their Anytime on-demand streaming. Read on to see all the content that will be added to their libraries during the month of May.

Lifehacker Australia Podcast: Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Stuart Washer

Static is back for a third season! In episode one we share our favourite tech pranks, ask can a relationship survive different videogame preferences, vent about annoying Facebook groups and we answer your question about cross-platform gaming.

Plus we interview Bioscientist and Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Stuart Washer.

Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.

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