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Find Out How Many Days Of Retirement Your Contributions Can Buy With This Tool

Retirement is a long time away and it can seem like the contributions you make don’t make a huge difference. However, with a little maths (or this tool) you can see exactly how much another day of freedom costs.

Lifehacker Fitness Challenge, Week 4: Boost Your Strength

Sick of running yet? We hope you’re not, but either way, here’s a new challenge for you. We’re going to do a mini strength workout that is not tied to running. You can even work out indoors if you feel like it.

Kettlebell Swings Boost Your Leg Strength And Power

If you want to run faster, jump higher and still get a total-body strength workout, kettlebell swings are perfect. They work so many muscles in your posterior chain, improve your sprinting power and strengthen your heart, to boot.

Keep Extension Cords Off The Ground With Retractable Reels

Extension cords can be quite the hazard if left lying around. Set up a safer workshop by using retractable extension cord and air hose reels.

Grow Vegetables In The Desert With A 'Waffle Garden'

If you’re just a casual gardener you might think that growing vegetables in the desert is a fool’s errand, but you just need to learn a few techniques specific to the environment. This video shows how to design a “waffle garden” to grow vegetables in heavy clay soil.

Lovehacker: Should I Stop Playing 'Cupid' With My Friends?

Dear Lovehacker, I recently setup two of my friends (one of them asked me to) and it didn’t go well. She said that he was too nerdy for her and he ended up getting friend zoned. This isn’t the first time I’ve failed at this so I’m feeling really weird about it. Should I stop setting up my friends?

Science Supports Your Wine And Cheese Pairing

Lots of people consume cheese and wine in concert, but science has now substantiated what we have always seemed to know in our guts: Cheese actually makes wine taste better.

Stop By The Salad Bar To Get Just The Ingredients You Need For Soup For One

Grocery salad bars aren’t the best or cheapest options for fresh produce, but if you’re shopping or cooking for one, they can be a windfall. Stop by and grab just the ingredients you need for soups or other dishes, with no fear of overbuying, no leftovers and little pre-cooking prep needed.

Deals: 15% Off Sitewide At Nike, 10% Off Microsoft Store

Every Thursday we team up OzBargain power poster tightarse to run through some of the best deals that have caught his attention. Up to 95% off at Booktopia, 10% off all products at the Microsoft store, 15% off Nike — and more!

Dealhacker: The Best Deals From JB Hi-Fi's Massive TV Sale

If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, today is the day to act: JB Hi-Fi is slashing 20 per cent or more off its TV range, including 4K panels from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG. Here are the best deals from JB Hi-Fi’s massive TV sale with links to buy online. Prices start at under $200.

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