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Lifehacker is your expert guide on how to get things done and do everything better.

We offer practical advice on the right gear to buy, how to make the most of your gadgets and software, how to organise and improve your work life and your finances, how to make the most of your health, and any other aspects of your life that can be improved by “thinking like a programmer”.

Lifehacker Australia runs all the best tips and posts from the US Lifehacker site, eliminating the ones that are irrelevant for Aussies and adding our own daily helping of tips and tricks with an Australian focus. If you want to visit the US site, you can go to us.lifehacker.com.

Organised across three key channels — Work, Life and IT Pro — Lifehacker is all about actionable information you can use right now.

Each of those channels also has additional categories. In Work, we cover Productivity, Communicate, Organise, Business Travel, Security and Small Business & Startups. In Life, we examine Money, Home, Entertainment, Travel, Health and Design. And for IT pros, we delve into Cloud, Career, IT Security, Developer, Deployment and Servers.

All stories are tagged so they’re easy to browse and locate.


Our regular Lifehacker feature columns offer in-depth tips and analysis. Current favourites include:

Hive Five
Round-ups of the best hardware or software in a specific category.

Money management and finance tips.

Takeaway Truth
Does fast food really measure up to its marketing images? We put it to the test.

Trends and technologies IT workers need to know about to stay employed and improve their careers.

Lifehacker 101
Explanations for beginners about how technology works and how to accomplish specific tasks.

Mind Your Language
Bossy but helpful advice on how to avoid common grammar and spelling errors.

Road Worrier
Technology advice and real-world tips for travellers.

Ask Lifehacker
Readers ask questions and get answers both from Lifehacker staff and from the wider Lifehacker community.

Comprehensive overview of the best current deals in Australia for mobile phones, internet access and other comms services.

How technology keeps us entertained and new developments in entertainment.

How to take full advantage of cloud technologies.

Elevator Pitch
Startups explain their business strategies and future plans.

Monthly roundup of the best deals for credit cards, saving accounts and home loans.

Chris Jager

Chris Jager

Acting Editor

Chris has been a full-time tech journalist since 2006, specialising in computing, home entertainment, gaming, video production and globsters. His interest in technology began at the age of four via the rubbery keys of a ZX Spectrum. When he’s not fiddling around with various gadgets his hands are kept full by his rapidly expanding family of squalling children (three at last count!)

Read his posts here.

Chris Jager

Spandas Lui


Spandas Lui is a journalist for Lifehacker Australia who has previously written for ZDNet, Kotaku, GamePro, PC World and ARN. A lover and a fighter, she is passionate about technology, video games, action movies, comic books, motorcycles, food and Brazilian jiujitsu. Her greatest achievement so far is beating a guy repeatedly in Tekken and Street Fighter on a first date. She did not get a second date. Fun fact: If you remove the letter ‘S’ from her name it spells ‘panda’.

Read her posts here.

Elly Hart

Hayley Williams

Editorial Assistant

Hayley is an aspiring Strong Female Character™ who has previously spent her time writing about cosplay for Gametraders’ monthly magazine. She has also contributed articles to Indie Games Magazine, and spent six months dabbling in game design with Sydney indie developer Epiphany Games. Despite the lack of a tragic backstory, she still likes to moonlight as a well-dressed supervillain under the unconvincing pseudonym of Hayley Elise.

Read her articles here.

Elly Hart

Elly Hart

Night Editor

Elly wields the subediting whip over the team and makes sure everyone gets their morning news fix from her current base in Canada. A self-described Android fangirl and information junkie, she’s also been working on her green thumb.

Logan Booker

Logan Booker

Weekend Editor

Logan’s past lives include editorships of Atomic and Kotaku Australia, two-and-a-half years as a game designer at Tantalus and, most recently, a writing role at top mobile developer Firemint. Logan also moonlights as an indie games developer.


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