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Flickr isn’t going away, but a lot of your photos will be if you don’t follow its new limitations: 1,000 photos, period. These photos can be any size you want, but you only get a thousand of them. The era of the free terabyte of Flickr storage is coming to an end.


Trying to find the best tool to get a bunch of people organised and sharing knowledge can be a pain. Google Groups can feel exceedingly complicated. Facebook cares little about your privacy. And if you're still using Yahoo Groups ... why? Instead of the Big Three, consider a service like Groups.io, a sensible, free platform that's incredibly easy to use.


We've written a lot about how to make the most of Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Outlook services but it's time to shine a light on one of the lesser known email providers: Yahoo Mail. While its popularity lags behind its competitors, there are still millions of people who have a Yahoo Mail account. You may be one of them. Here are some tips on how to optimise your Yahoo Mail account.


The news that Yahoo! is to close down AltaVista on 8 July was greeted on the internet with shock. Shock because everyone over the age of 30 thought their original search engine of choice had ceased to exist years ago, around the time dial-up went out of fashion, while anyone under 30 struggled to believe that anything had existed at all before Google.


We're not big fans of Coles' flybuys loyalty scheme -- earning points takes ages and you give up lots of personal information in the process. The recently introduced flybuys Toolbar takes this to a new level of intrusiveness, promising you can earn points "just for surfing the web". Perhaps -- but you'll give up even more information while doing so, and get a maximum of 50 cents a month for the dubious privilege of using an inferior search service.