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Keep Your AirPods In Your Ears With This Hack 

Apple’s one-size-fits-all AirPods design may work for most people, but if you have particularly large ears you may be struggling to keep your wireless earbuds secure. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone – and one Apple fan found a clever way to fix the problem.

Use Your AirPods Case As An On-The-Go iPhone Stand

If you own a pair of AirPods, you’ve been carrying around a smartphone stand without even realising it. It turns out that the wireless earbuds case is also the perfect shape for propping up your iPhone when you want to kick back and watch a video.

Deals: Get These Wireless Earbuds For 40% Off

Deals: Get These Wireless Earbuds For 40% Off

Wires are no fun, especially when they’re attached to your earphones. That’s why many headphone manufacturers are making the push towards Bluetooth and wireless listening. While there are plenty of wireless earphones on the market, the HBQ i7 Twins True Wireless Earphones stand out from the pack with their next-level…