Do CBD Products Really Relax You?

Besides oils and tinctures, you can now consume CBD in the form of infused gummies, gourmet desserts, and even the seltzer offered at a certain boutique gynecology office. The marketing is definitely ahead of the science, so here’s what to know about the grains of truth behind the claims.

The Best Ways To Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

Photo: Visualhunt.com Days are getting darker and the winter blues are fast approaching. We’re all in need of some positivity, treating ourselves to resupply the stores that the world seems determined to sap.

Do I Need Regular Checkups When I’m Already Healthy?

Annual health exams are pretty normal, but whether they’re necessary is up for debate. Years ago, I asked my doctor for a checkup and he chuckled, pointing out that I seemed fine. So, is this annual tradition really a necessity? It boils down to three simple questions.