It’s Time to Detox at These 5 Italian Wellness Retreats

It’s Time to Detox at These 5 Italian Wellness Retreats
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Sure, travelling around Italy would be fun and life-changing, but having to constantly move around would be physically exhausting and mentally draining. It’s about time you treated yourself to a relaxing getaway (still in Italy, of course). And nothing says wellness and relaxation like these Italian retreats.

Although it does seem like everyone on our social feeds is currently living it up in Europe right now, it just all seems very tiring. Moving from one country to the next and partying in a different city each night does sound fun, but how are you supposed to take a step back and focus on your mind, body and soul?

Not only do we deserve the luxury of travel post-lockdowns, we also deserve a recharge and a dose of wellness and self-care. What’s better than taking care of yourself? Taking care of yourself in the Italian countryside. Bellissimo.

Here are five wellness retreats across a range of Italian regions that will have you feeling well inside and out.

5 Italian wellness retreats worth visiting

Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany

It’s Time to Detox at These 5 Italian Wellness Retreats
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This Italian wellness retreat sprawls across 120 hectares of the rolling Tuscan hills. Terme di Saturnia is focused around the legendary open-air thermal springs, which are said to have been flowing from the centre of the earth for more than 3000 years.

What makes these thermal springs so good? A naturally occurring ‘miracle’ ingredient called Saturnia bioplancton in the 37.5°C water. As a result, the water will apparently leave your skin silky smooth and soft whilst the minerals are said to help reduce blood pressure, soothe tired muscles and help cleanse and detox the liver.

If that hasn’t already sold you, then wait until your shoulders get a massage in invigorating whirlpools. You can also get on-site treatments at the medi-spa or beauty clinic.

For resident guests, you can enjoy a personalised wellness program where day visitors can hit the spa, hot springs, tennis court or geo-certified golf course.

Palazzo Fiuggi, Lazio

Italian wellness retreat
Image: Palazzo Fiuggi / Supplied

Nothing screams an Italian wellness retreat more than staying in an Art Nouveau palace. Yes, a palace.

Palazzo Fiuggi hosts a wide range of wellness programs that a tailor-made by a team of doctors. These programs target longevity, detox and weight and even a post-COVID immune boost option.

If natural hot springs, elegant Turkish baths overlooking the town, fireplaces and elegant libraries seem like your kind of Italian wellness retreat, then Palazzo Fiuggi is the place for you.

Your meals are also crafted by a three-star Michelin Chef using sustainable organic and biodynamic ingredients from the on-site veggie garden.

Truly, what more could you ask for?

Forestis Dolomites, Trentino-Alto-Adige

It’s Time to Detox at These 5 Italian Wellness Retreats
Image: Forestis / Supplied

Set high above the clouds on Plose mountain in the South Tyrolean Alps sits Forestis, a carbon-neutral compound overlooking the Dolomites and is your next Italian wellness retreat.

It always feels good to take care of yourself but it feels even better to do it while taking care of the environment.

Forestis is also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, with unique healing treatments focused on connecting you back with nature.

The programs are based on the principle of the Forestis tree circle with the four trees, the four healing woods, the four healing stones and the four tree frequencies.

You can get stone pine massages, spruce body scrubs, Celtic yoga, Wyda and forest circle ceremonies. If you are looking for something more active, you can also go skiing, hiking, biking and swimming.

The cuisine served is sourced from the forest and local farmers, even the drinks from the bar are made using essences from the forest.

Le Sirenuse, Campania (Amalfi Coast)

It’s Time to Detox at These 5 Italian Wellness Retreats
Image: Le Sirenuse / Supplied

The celebrity-favoured Italian Le Sirenuse resort only hosts the La Dolce Vitality wellness retreat twice a year.

The week-long health and wellness retreat combines meditation, pilates, vigorous hikes, yoga classes, afternoon stretching and restorative spa treatments all with views to die for.

La Dolce Vitality’s focus is on fitness, weight loss and detoxification and is fuelled by a vegan Mediterranean menu prepared by a Michelin-starred chef along with a health and nutrition coach.

Coffee addicts be warned: this is a no caffeine, no alcohol retreat. I know right, no coffee in an Italian retreat? Wild.

But the lemon and olive groves, panoramic views and hikes along ancient mule tracks into Positano will take your mind off your vices.

COMO Castello del Nero, Tuscany

It’s Time to Detox at These 5 Italian Wellness Retreats
Image: COMO Castello del Nero / Supplied

We’re back in Tuscany again, this time at the COMO Castello del Nero, a 12th-century Renaissance castle amidst the grounds of a historic estate.

The focus at this wellness retreat is on Micheline-starred dining, garden-to-table seasonal produce and a bunch of therapies courtesy of the on-site COMO Shambhala Retreat.

Unlike the other Italian retreats, this one is heavily inspired by Asian mind and body treatments within a Tuscan hillside context.

You can soak in thermal suites, join a pilates class on the grass or a yoga session in a sun studio, detox in the steam room or hike around the estates. COMO Castello del Nero also has tennis courts and an outdoor heated pool.

Guests here are welcome to do as much, or as little, as they like.

Now all you have to do is pack your bags.

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