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Let's face it: you're much more likely to watch catch-up TV on your PC if you know that doing so isn't going to eat into your precious download limits. So why are our options for viewing mainstream TV networks and not having it count against our metered total so limited?


Many Australians look with envy at the "unlimited download" Internet plans offered in markets like the US and ask: Why don't we get that uncapped option in Australia? It's easy to assume the answer is corporate greed, but the reality is a little more complex.


iiNet already has a pretty generous suite of unmetered content -- including iView, iTunes and a bunch of streaming video and audio channels -- and it just got a little larger with the addition of TiVo to the list.


If your ISP offers separate peak and off-peak download limits, it makes sense to schedule large downloads to happen overnight and not risk being shaped or paying excess fees each month. But not all consumers seem willing to go along with that strategy.


Further details on the Internode/Tivo unmetered downloads arrangement, which we first reported on at the beginning of the month, have finally emerged. The good news is that the deal isn't just restricted to new accounts: any existing Internode customer with a Tivo can access the Tivo EPG software updates and the 'Blockbuster Movie Of The Week' without it counting against monthly cap totals, and with no special setup required. Internode has also said that further unmetered content will be offered later in the year; there's no details, but with iView already on its list, unmetered iTunes would probably be top of most people's lists.


The biggest roadblock to legal movie and TV downloads remains the huge amounts of bandwidth they consume, which can punch a huge hole in your monthly download cap (even without taking HD into consideration). The ideal solution would be cap-free ISP accounts, but since that's never going to happen deals between ISPs and content providers are the next best thing. Lara Sinclair at The Australian reports that Seven and Internode have done a deal which will see Tivo downloads excluded from the total for customers who sign up for a new Internode/Tivo bundle. No word yet on whether Internode's existing customers will also get similar benefits if they purchase a Tivo, but that would seem a likely outcome. The nature of the deal (which apparently kicks off in late March) suggests other ISPs aren't likely to get a bite at the Tivo cherry. But there are other cap-free content options. If you favour iTunes for movies, iiNet remains your best bet, while there are now plenty of cap-free choices for the ABC's iView, and BigPond Movies for Telstra customers.
Seven leading in race to deliver movie downloads