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The print edition of the Trading Post was once iconic enough to be a central gag in The Castle (as this video, complete with a little NSFW language, demonstrates). But ever since the introduction of free online auctions on the site last year, it's been evident that the online market is more important for the site. So the news that the print editions will cease by the end of the year is no great shock.


The news that Telstra's Trading Post site is adding online auctions with no listing fees and a choice of payment methods has been widely welcomed, not least because it provides the possibility of an alternative to eBay, which has been shedding users ever since it decided to make PayPal compulsory , thereby increasing its profits while allegedly improving security. The Trading Post has been working on its site for 18 months, and while that's a decent development period, it still means a few useful features are missing. Here's the main changes we'd like to see added to the site to make it really useful in the short term.