• TechEd 2014 Registration Opens, Entry-Level Tracks Dumped

    Having outlined plans to split TechEd across two events in Melbourne and Sydney back in May, Microsoft has now opened registration for the October conferences. We’ve also learned how it will cram what used to be a four-day event into just two — by only offering 300- and 400- level content.

  • Why The MDM War Is About Apps For Microsoft

    In a corporate environment where bring your own device (BYOD) has become widely accepted, the competition for business IT dollars has increasingly switched to mobile device management (MDM). Microsoft’s play in this space relies on two non-mobile technologies where it dominates: Office and Active Directory.

  • Where Are The Australian Azure Data Centres?

    Azure is the big unifying theme at Microsoft TechEd this week; every session I’ve been to has made reference to it. But there’s one question that still doesn’t have an official answer: when will the Australian Azure data centres in Sydney and Melbourne finally open?