TechEd 2014 Registration Opens, Entry-Level Tracks Dumped

TechEd 2014 Registration Opens, Entry-Level Tracks Dumped

Having outlined plans to split TechEd across two events in Melbourne and Sydney back in May, Microsoft has now opened registration for the October conferences. We’ve also learned how it will cram what used to be a four-day event into just two — by only offering 300- and 400- level content.

The two events will feature identical sessions, split across four streams: data centre and server, developer, Office and Windows. While previous TechEd events have also included more basic 100- and 200-level content, that won’t be a feature this time around. “It is not for the faint of heart. Only the real geeky need apply,” the registration site warns.

The fee for the event is $966 (which is lower than I recall the longer event charging, though I don’t have 2013 costs to hand — feel free to enlighten us in the comments).

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