teched us 2014

  • The Dumb Things IT Pros Do At Tech Conferences

    IT pros attend conferences in order to enhance their knowledge of existing technologies, learn about upcoming developments and to network with their peers. Unfortunately, some of the ways they behave at those events make actually achieving those goals more difficult.

  • What Happens To Deleted Azure Data?

    You spin up a virtual machine on a cloud service, you do some testing, then you move on. What happens to that data afterwards? And what about when a drive within the cloud data centre is disposed of?

  • Why Azure Files Only Uses SMB 2.1

    One of the key Azure announcements at TechEd was Azure Files, which provides a permanent mapped file system that can addressed by any virtual machine in your cloud environment. But why does Azure Files use SMB 2.1, rather than the newer SMB 3.0 release used in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012?

  • Patch Tuesday: What A Confusing Month

    So it’s an odd Patch Tuesday this month. Windows XP wasn’t supposed to be patched after April, but it received an out-of-band patch. Windows 8.1 was supposed to be ditched after this month in favour of its newer Update sibling, but it scored a temporary reprieve. And many IT pro patch deployers are hanging around…