Patch Tuesday: What A Confusing Month

Patch Tuesday: What A Confusing Month

So it’s an odd Patch Tuesday this month. Windows XP wasn’t supposed to be patched after April, but it received an out-of-band patch. Windows 8.1 was supposed to be ditched after this month in favour of its newer Update sibling, but it scored a temporary reprieve. And many IT pro patch deployers are hanging around at TechEd North America, so rollout might take a little longer.

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The official group of May updates includes eight patches across the full range of Windows options. As ever, users on anything other than Server Core are likely to require a restart.

Much of the emphasis at TechEd this week is on shifting services to the cloud, and there’s a clear subtext here too: you won’t be stuck with the same degree of patching pain if you do that. It certainly seems evident that the pace of product updates and patches isn’t going to slow down. “The rate at which we are delivering things is nothing like what we’ve ever done as a company, and it’s only going to increase,” Microsoft VP Brad Anderson said.

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