• What Should You Do If Space Junk Lands in Your Yard?

    What Should You Do If Space Junk Lands in Your Yard?

    Imagine you wake up to a smouldering piece of machinery in your yard, still smoking and sizzling after screaming towards Earth from space. This is an extremely unlikely scenario, but it remains true that space junk happens. Of all the scientific instruments we launch into the stratosphere, some of it, on occasion, comes plummeting back…

  • Optus’ Satellite Phone Accessory Is Now Available For iPhone 6

    Remote Australians and Russel Coight wannabes take note: the Optus Thuraya SatSleeve satellite phone accessory is now available for the iPhone 6. The device enables you to turn your iPhone into a satellite phone with the click of a button; handy if you’re outside of mobile range and need to make a call in a…

  • iiNet Drops Its Better-Value NBN Satellite Plan

    Something to consider the next time someone tells you Australians don’t want higher speeds or bigger download caps: iiNet is withdrawing one of its NBN plans for satellite customers because it is too popular and is straining the capacity of the temporary NBN satellite network.