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For those annoying times when you've already walked away from the desk before realising you meant to put your Mac to sleep: Use your Apple remote to zap it to sleep from across the room by holding down the Play/Pause button. After about 2 seconds of holding it, you'll see your Mac display some sleepy Zs on the screen before getting comfy and passing out.


Reader Chris Bright had too many remotes from various A/V gadgets and no good place to store them. That lasted until he fashioned a picture frame and fabric into a DIY remote caddy.

He writes:

A few years ago, I upgraded my entertainment system and it was great. I was happy with the results, but I wasn't thrilled with the five remotes that were the by-product. They ended up in different places and they cluttered up my living room. Programming a universal remote was a pain, plus I didn't want to spend any more money. I noticed that most remotes are less than 8 inches long, so I had the idea of using a picture frame as a holder.