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Android tablets can run any Android software, but they really shine with tablet-specific apps and programs that can take advantage of the bigger screen. All week, we're rounding up our favourite Android tablet apps. Today: apps to keep up with your feeds and check the facts.


Google's free fonts are a great way to spice up any presentation or design you're doing, but since you have over 500 to choose from, it's a bit overwhelming. To make the task of selecting a font less daunting, tech blog Digital Inspiration has put together a series of reference posters for easy printing.


Numbers — especially big numbers — can seem pretty abstract. One way to help people better understand huge numbers is by providing context based on things they do understand. Free web service NumberQuotes spits out related statistics containing any number you throw at it.


Don't know your Minion from your Lucida? Can't decide which Sans-serif, Humanist font works best? Take your seats, class, and let's review the Periodic Table of Typefaces. Design firm Squidspot put together the 3150x2100, 1.6MB JPEG linked to below, and more power to them for doing so. For those without a clue about fonts, or the typeface geeks needing an at-a-glance reference, this chart provides letter samples, family and class distinctions, and the designer and year of creation. Some of that data might seem a little extraneous, but in some cases, it's reassuring to know that people like Claude Garamond have made a lasting impact on the world, and on your Word documents. For more interactive font-choosing help, check out the previously mentioned, cross-platform Font Picker. Feel like there's a spot waiting for your unique imprint? Try the web-based Fontstruct, or our prior post on making your own fonts from handwriting.

Periodic Table of Typefaces


Web site SoundUnwound is Amazon's new music web site designed to provide comprehensive articles and information on bands, musicians, and their discographies and lineups. Mimicing Wikipedia's user-edited model, anyone can edit a SoundUnwound article; the main difference is that all changes are approved by SoundUnwound staff before it's included on the site. Beyond that, the layout of the site is interesting and will potentially provide lots of great information, allowing you to drill down into everything you'd want to know about the artist. Right now, however, the site feels a bit low in info, and considering the existing strength of Wikipedia as a go-to source for this sort of info, SoundUnwound's got its work cut out for it. If you give it a try, let's hear how you like it in the comments. SoundUnwound