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I recently attended a kindergarten orientation meeting, where - to my relief - the principal said there are only two things parents need to do to get a kid ready for school:

1) Keep reading to your kid.

2) Make sure they have a good pencil grip.


There comes a time when the long-suffering parent just can't read The Little Blue Truck any more. Or My First Farm Book, with its disturbing implication that there will be more farm books to come. Or even Blueberries for Sal, my favourite for the preschool crowd, but one I've now read so many times I want to rip out the pages and stuff them in my mouth while sobbing.


Dropping off a young child at day care or preschool can be rough. There may be protests and wailing. Your kid may latch onto your leg for dear life. When my daughter started going to day care when she was one and a half, she cried every day for the first six weeks. The teachers were great, and I knew she was safe and cared for, but I ached seeing her so sad.