• We’re All Eating Poo, Apparently

    We’re All Eating Poo, Apparently

    If you’re eating, please put whatever you’re snacking on down. You don’t want to be near food while reading this article. Sorted? Okay, great. Let’s talk about poop particles then, shall we? In some pretty nasty news, recycled toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap has found data that suggests many Aussies are unknowingly covering…

  • Do Men Generally Take Longer to Poop?

    Do Men Generally Take Longer to Poop?

    There’s a common assumption men take longer than women to poo. People say so on Twitter, in memes, and elsewhere online. But is that right? What could explain it? And if some people are really taking longer, is that a problem? As we sift through the evidence, it’s important to remember pooing may involve time…

  • How To Take Care Of Your Gut Health

    We’re talking faecal transplants, probiotics, gut flora and more this week. Do bacteria in your GI tract affect your moods? How does your microbiome affect your overall health? We visit the lab of computational biologist Dr. Jose Clemente where he and his team study the efficacy of faecal transplants in patients with Irritable Bowel Disease.