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Video: Introverts, those much-maligned and too-often-misunderstood creatures, are finally, comprehensively explained in this video, created by exurb1a. But why has this information been hidden from us for so long? Why didn't we know before that a baby introvert is known as a "shylet"? Or that a group of introverts is called an "angst"?


In this episode of The Upgrade we talk about personality tests. You know, those tests that ask you personal questions about your philosophy of life or your behaviour or your ethics, and then tell you what kind of person you are. How much do they really reveal? And what does our desire to take them say about us?


The Hogwarts Sorting Hat, a core part of the Harry Potter mythos, has become one of Western culture's best-known psychological tests, bigger than Myers-Briggs or whether you're a Carrie. It's inspired real-world personality quizzes at BuzzFeed, Pottermore, the Guardian and many other sites. Recently TIME Magazine developed a sophisticated Sorting Hat quiz based on psychological measures such as the Big Five personality traits.