Take FiveThirtyEight’s Scientific Personality Quiz 

Take FiveThirtyEight’s Scientific Personality Quiz 

Twinning is done; the “me ten years ago vs. me now” meme will be over by Friday; it’s time for a new self-obsession fad to fill our social media feeds. It’s time for FiveThirtyEight’s new personality quiz, based on the Big Five personality attributes.

It's Time To Stop Using Myers-Briggs At Work

I’m an ISFP, according to a test I took this morning. Or going by the one I took years ago, an INFP who is “turbulent” and may get a different result each time. The Myers-Briggs test is a fun way to spend an hour in self-absorption, but a terrible way to make decisions that affect somebody’s livelihood.

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Unlike tests like the Myers-Briggs, the concept of the Big Five is based on decades of scientific research.

FiveThirtyEight explained the research behind the Big Five last year, but now they’ve released their own. A good test, they say, uses declarative statements and a range of answers from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” It doesn’t try to probe your soul with magic questions, asking your favourite colour or which tree represents your hopes for the future. It returns results that place you along a spectrum, instead of assigning you one personality type like Myers-Briggs (or the Hogwarts sorting hat).

So take the FiveThirtyEight test and share it with your friends. You’ll have to screencap your results, or use the site’s built-in tool to create a group link you can share with your friends, or family, or co-workers—anyone whose personality you want to critique under the guise of analysing quiz results. Mine is above. Drag me.

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