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Uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol - it's the mantra repeated over and over by IT admins when they set password rules. Throw in the requirement to change those passwords every 30 days or so, and not repeat an old password or even have characters in the same place over some arbitrary cycle and you suddenly have a complex set of rules that makes life really hard for users. And the guy who penned many of these rules, Bill Burr from NIST, says he screwed up.


May 5th is global World Password Day which aims to promote good password habits. According to Intel, Australians have an average of 26 different personal and business-related accounts that use passwords. That's a lot of passwords to remember. The vendor has some tips on how stay on top of your password security.


Using the cloud is now a fact of our digital lives. Email, blogging, website design and storing digital content all rely on cloud services. The news headlines can seem awash with security scare stories, but with a little effort anyone can use the cloud safely.