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Is there anything better than digging your toes into the warm sand on some beautiful, exotic beach? Well there is if that beach is riddled with hookworms that hope to burrow into your feet and make their way to your small intestine. If you do a lot of travelling to warm, humid locales, here's how you can avoid these nasty little things.


Lurking within the streams and lakes of sub-Saharan Africa is a parasite that has a particularly nasty way of leaving the human body. If you drink unfiltered water where the parasite resides, it makes its way into your abdomen and sets up shop. Once it is ready to leave, it heads for a foot - ready to depart in a gross, but awesome way.

Dracunculiasis medinensis, this is your life.


If you hear that your kid (or one of their friends) has head lice, your first reaction might be a mixture of disgust, panic and an urge to disinfect everything in your house. That would be overkill. Head lice aren't a health hazard, and even medication-resistant "super lice" can be eradicated with proper treatment.