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If you live in a relatively urban area, before you head out for a late night, order yourself breakfast. So apps let you order several days ahead from most restaurants or you could also call. Make a simple hangover order—bacon egg and cheese bagel, or breakfast tacos, or corned beef and hash browns—either takeout or delivery. And a coffee. This will solve two problems.


"How would you like your eggs?" isn't a question that should cause you panic. However, it's possible that you may not be egg-ercising all your options, especially if all you've ever known is scrambled.

This is especially true in US diners, which employ a plethora of regional phrases that aren't used anywhere else in the world. While "Sunny Side Up" is pretty easy to decipher, what about Over Medium? Or Coddled? Or Shirred? This guide has all the answers.


There are few things more overwhelming to me than a super-long wine list, and I often rely heavily on my waiter or sommelier to steer me in the right direction. Communication is important here, and (lucky for me) Lucky Peach has some tips on how to ask for (and get) what you want.