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  • 10 Ways to Make Flying Economy Suck Less

    10 Ways to Make Flying Economy Suck Less

    Do you look longingly at those wide, cushioned first-class seats when you board a plane? Us, too. Unfortunately, most of us most commonly fly in coach/economy class, which isn’t exactly the lap of luxury. So we recently asked Lifehacker readers for their best tips for flying both comfortably and cheaply in tight quarters.

  • How To Check If Your AirPods’s Noise Cancellation Is Broken

    Noise-cancelling headphones can bring you peaceful, private listening in crowded places like buses or help you focus on work while posted up in a coffee shop or noisy office. They’re great when they work, but some AirPods Pro users are finding that a recent firmware update affected the performance of their earbuds’ noise-cancelling feature.