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  • Forget ‘Fish Pedicures’

    Forget ‘Fish Pedicures’

    You’ve likely seen videos of fish pedicures or seen signs advertising them the last time you were abroad. Kim Kardashian famously got one in Greece, screeching on camera while tiny fish nibbled the dead skin off her feet. The idea is familiar to Australian audiences, but not as commonplace in our daily lives — fish…

  • How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

    How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

    Dogs! We love them and they love us. But one thing dogs do not love is getting their claws trimmed, so we asked veterinarian Dr. Valerie Patton to give some of her best tips for easily, painlessly cutting your dog’s nails.

  • Keep Cosmetics Away From Your Kids

    You probably keep medications out of reach of small children, and wouldn’t dream of leaving caustic cleansers where your kids could get to them. But cosmetics can also be dangerous, and a recent study found that children regularly suffer poisoning and chemical burns from cosmetics.