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  • How to Poop on Holidays

    How to Poop on Holidays

    Ah, holidays. A time for adventure, relaxation, poolside cocktails, and…constipation? For a lot of people, yes. Due to changes in diet, routine, sleep, and dehydration from air travel and all that celebratory booze, many people get backed up, rendering their tummy bloated, their bowels immobile and their mood not so great. (It’s hard to reach…

  • Who Needs a Bone Density Test?

    Who Needs a Bone Density Test?

    Our bones often become less dense as we age, which can lead to osteoporosis and potentially to fractures, should bone loss continue. Women who are past menopause are at greatest risk for osteoporosis, statistically, but thinning bones can affect anybody. A loss in bone density can also start earlier in life, so it’s good to…

  • Save Yourself From ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’

    Save Yourself From ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’

    In the past year, as more people have been working from home, physical therapists have been seeing an increase in patients with “dead butt syndrome,” or DBS for short, which is pain, numbness, and tingling in the butt, which can often extend to the lower back and legs. If you’ve ever stood up after sitting…