• What Happens if You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage?

    What Happens if You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage?

    With rising costs of living, including interest rate rises, many people are really worried about their mortgage. So, what actually happens if you can’t pay your mortgage – and what are your options? Here’s what you need to know. Payment deferrals, payment plans or getting fees waived It’s not particularly rare for a borrower to…

  • Create A Three-Year Savings Plan For Your First Home

    Conversations between homeowners and renters sometimes go like this: The homeowner will ask the renter why they waste their money on rent when their monthly payment could go toward owning a home. The renter says, “I don’t have money for the down payment.” If the renter is lucky, the homeowner shrugs, the conversation stops there,…

  • How To Avoid Common Home Loan Mistakes

    The changing credit landscape in Australia is creating additional uncertainty for homeowners. Online mortgage broker uno Home Loans has found a few key barriers are holding people back from getting their best deal as they navigate the home loan process.