Lifehacker’s Most Popular Linux Posts Ever

Lifehacker’s Most Popular Linux Posts Ever

We’ve been covering all manner of open source-related topics this week as part of Linux Week 2011, but Linux is hardly a new topic for Lifehacker. Here’s the 10 most popular posts relating to Linux we’ve ever featured.

Picture by Matt McGee

As you’d expect, older posts (which have longer to attract views) dominate, which is probably why some more recent useful resources such as our Lifehacker Pack For Linux aren’t here. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty to improve your Linux productivity, as well as some food for thought.

10. Install Android On An Eee PC
The original Eee PC remains one of the most commercially successful Linux-based devices, though Asus moved on to Windows on many of its successor models. Either way, it’s also a popular target for installing alternative OSes. Android itself has evolved substantially since this post, but it remains an interesting option if you want to tinker with a netbook.[imgclear]

9. Unetbootin Creates USB-Bootable Linux

a recovery system

8. Five Best Live CDs

7. Install A Minimal Ubuntu Desktop

6. First Look At Ubuntu 8.10 ‘Intrepid Ibex’ Beta

version 10.10window control move

5. Top 10 Ubuntu Downloads

4. Making Wireless Broadband Work On the Eee PC

3. Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows


2. Give An Old Laptop New Life With Cheap (Or Free) Projects

1. Lifehacker Australia Interviews Linus Torvalds

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