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A bagel with plain cream cheese has no shortcomings, but I have been known to enjoy a good flavoured spread from time to time. Spring onions are great, and veggies are great, but fermented veggies? That’ll perk your morning right up.


When I think about comfort food, a warm and tender, falling apart mass of roasted meat is high on the list. Chuck roasts are great, but pork shoulders have recently been starring in my dreams. Due to the amount of time needed to braise a big chunk of fatty meat, roasts of this nature are not usually considered weeknight fare, but applying a little pressure with an Instant Pot or slow cooker gets this thing on the table in a little over an hour.


Traditional kimchi gets its flavour from fermenting for days, preferably buried in a pot in the yard, but if you need some of the pungent, spicy cabbage right now, ChefSteps has a way to make it in mere hours.