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Pollenizer was known as a pioneer on the Australian incubator scene, but it finally closed up shop earlier this year, after nine years of operation. Despite it no longer being active, however, Pollenizer's founder Phil Morle didn't want the many resources they developed to go to waste -- so they're not available to all, for free, under an open-source license.


As part of promoting the Government's $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda, Malcolm Turnbull has promised $15 million, if he is re-elected, will go towards the startup sector via his Incubator Support Program. This is a step up from the $8 million originally given, with an eye towards boosting the number of startup accelerators and incubators in Australia, especially those in regional areas.

Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.