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Over the next few days, Google is going to be changing its AIM support to something a little more tightly integrated. No longer will you have to sign into AIM separately from Google; you just sign into Google Talk and you can chat with your AIM friends straight from that account — either by adding them to your Google Talk list (in the form of [email protected]) or by using the AIM to Gmail contacts importer, which should be available soon.


As rumoured, Facebook's announced their new messaging service which aims to unify your various inboxes into a single system. While currently invite-only, here's what to expect when Facebook mail is available for you.


Multi-service IM client Digsby has given its early adopters access to a much-requested feature: group chats. Users connected to AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk or Jabber can click the rooms list in the upper-right corner of their client to select a room that's already running or start one of their own. To get in on the alpha-level testing, read the Digsby blog for instructions.