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Windows/Mac only: Share any song in your iTunes library and download any song from your friends' iTunes libraries over the internet with freeware application Mojo. Essentially, Mojo makes sharing music with your friends through iTunes wildly simple, from its simple interface to its brilliant implementation. If you've ever used apps like previously mentioned ourTunes to download music from shared libraries, you have an idea of what Mojo does, bu you should still prepare to be amazed. I'm head over heels for Mojo, so hit the jump for a full-on screenshot tour and detailed walk-through and overview of everything Mojo has to offer.


Windows only: Listen to your home music library from anywhere through your browser with web site JukeFly. Similar to previously mentioned streaming application Orb, JukeFly runs a small server on your desktop that scans any music folders you add to it and makes all of that music available through their slick web interface. With its extensive social features, JukeFly is actually a little more reminiscent of Anywhere.fm, the main difference being that Anywhere.FM actually stores your music on their servers, whereas JukeFly streams the music from your computer. Either way, add JukeFly to the list of worthwhile methods for getting to your music library no matter where you are.


Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.


One of iTunes' most powerful and useful features is Smart Playlists: dynamic, search-based lists of songs that save you the work of grouping tunes by hand. But with almost 40 fields to search against—from Album and Artist to Bit Rate and Category—there are thousands of possible Smart Playlist combinations. If you listen to music while you work, but don't want to waste time manually creating playlists in iTunes, today we've got our top 10 favourite Smart Playlists that will keep your tunes fresh and focused automatically.


Songerize is a dead-simple interface for quickly playing streaming music, and it's destined to become a quick-fix addiction for music fans. Type in a song name, then the artist you think performs it, and hit "Play." If Songerize can find the song, it plays it in an embedded Flash device. If not, try another song. Described as the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button for the more full-featured streaming music search site SeeqPod, Songerize is the perfect tool for clarifying misheard lyrics, quickly playing a song for a friend, or just listening to music one track at a time. Songerize found 8 of 10 songs I threw at it this morning, and I mixed it about halfway between big radio hits and indie hip-hop and rock. Nifty. To get even more out of SeeqPod, download-wise, check out Songbeat.



Streaming radio and music recommendation service Last.fm now streams full length tracks and even albums on-demand, making it the largest completely legal souce of free, on-demand streaming music on the web. Any single track can be played up to three times before you're prompted to join their yet-to-be-released subscription service, which will offer unlimited plays of any song. Currently the service is available to the US, UK, and Germany, but Last.fm is working to expand to other countries. If the new service has piqued you interest in Last.fm, check out these 15 Last.fm power tweaks for more ways to take advantage of the excellent music service.

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Windows only: Freeware application Songbeat scours previously mentioned music streaming service Seeqpod for tunes, then streams or downloads the music directly to your desktop. Just install the app (the installer asks for your email address, but I was able to install without entering anything), fire it up, and start searching. You can choose to either stream or download any of the search results, but downloading will automatically save the MP3 to your default music folder or to any other folder of your choice (though streaming is handy to check the quality before you download). You can play back any of the downloaded files in the My Music section of the player or—you know—in your media player of preference. Songbeat grabs results from Seeqpod fast, and the downloads are generally very quick. Songbeat is freeware, Windows only (a "Pro" version is available and a Mac version is coming in 2-4 weeks). Put this one at the top of the ever-growing list of ways you can download and listen to free music from the web.


Hey, I know you. RIAA lawsuits have scared you off P2P, but the iTunes DRM is both too expensive and too restrictive for your tastes, right? Then it's time you head to the web. In the past year the number of web sites linking to free downloads and streaming music has exploded, meaning there are more ways than ever to get your music fix. Today I'll highlight the best web sites—and best search kung-fu—for finding free music online. Photo by MarS.