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One of my favourite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation is "The Measure of a Man". In that episode, the personhood of the android Lieutenant Commander Data is legally argued with Capitan Picard and Commander Riker forced to lock horns in a court to determine whether Data should be afforded the right of self determination. While that might have been science fiction, the European Union is considering a similar matter, with a resolution to afford robots legal status as "electronic persons" being considered.


A 2014 study by the Human Rights Campaign found that 53 per cent of LGBT individuals remain closeted at work. According to Audrey Gallien, Director of Marketing for Catalyst, a workplace inclusion advocacy organisation, even when businesses attempt to provide an inclusive environment, individuals "still must face the inter-personal risk of 'bringing their full self' to work" -- in other words, they risk their relationship with their manager, team members, or clients changing for the worse.