Super Sleep Locks Your PC, Only Wakes It With A Custom Hotkey

Windows: Super Sleep is a system tray app that puts your computer to sleep with a key command and keeps it from waking up until you enter another. Whether you want a little extra security, or you’re just tired of your computer waking up every time you accidentally jiggle the…

Actions For iPad Turns Your Tablet Into A Hotkey Menu

iPad: If you’re looking to extend your keyboard’s reach a little, Actions for iPad is an app that allows you to set up all kinds of actions to control your computer from your iPad. Essentially, it turns your iPad into something like AutoHotKey, but with boxes instead of keyboard shortcuts.

reSizer For Windows Arranges Windows With Key Commands

reSizer For Windows Arranges Windows With Key Commands

Windows: reSizer is a tiny utility that moves, resizes, repositions and tweaks the appearance of open applications and windows with keyboard commands and hotkeys. As long as the app is running, you don’t need to take your hands off the keyboard just to reposition one window next to another or…