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Gunnar Optiks and Uvex computer glasses both promise to reduce eye strain, prevent computer-related headaches, and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. But Uvex's basic frames, while not even remotely as visually appealing as the Gunnar line, are a fraction of the cost. Let's see who is victorious in this battle between beauty and the beast.


Keeping my glasses from slipping down my face is a constant battle. It's a classic nerd trope that holds true, for me, and I've been losing the fight against gravity. But I've found some help in the form of Nerdwax.


Whether you're on your first pair of glasses or your tenth, you may still be put off by phrases like "temple arms" and "lens height," especially if you're interested in shopping for your own frames. This visual guide shows you what all those terms mean so you can buy confidently.


If your glasses need serious adjustment, take them to a professional, but there's a lot you can do to make yours more comfortable at home. Maybe they rest a little too low on your nose, or they pinch a little bit, or they're a little crooked. This graphic shows you how to handle all of those issues.


Last month, we put Riedel's fancy $39.95 Coke glass through its paces in a series of Coca-Cola "taste-offs". To our surprise, it really did improve the carbonation and overall flavour of the drink; especially when compared to an aluminium can. However, there was one receptacle that we didn't get a chance to test -- the iconic glass Coke bottle (AKA the best way to drink Coke.) Prepare for the ultimate face-off!


Dear Lifehacker, I have a really old pair of beaten-up glasses. While my prescription hasn't changed, the glasses are scratched, ill-fitting and just plain ugly. I can't afford to go out and buy a new pair, so I'm wondering if it's possible to fix these ones up to make them last a bit longer?


If you're caught without your reading glasses, or you encounter some terrifically fine print somewhere, you have two options: curse your abnormal retina design or pinch your fingers together. The latter is like adjusting the f-stop on your eyeballs.


When our eyeglasses are smudged, we reach for the corner of our shirt to clean them. You probably know that is the wrong way to clean glasses, but you do it anyway. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, you just need soap and a cotton cloth to clean glasses the right way.