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Firefox 3.5 pulls data from certain file locations for randomised security purposes. Sometimes, though, that can lead to annoying slow start-ups in Windows. You can speed things up by cleaning out certain folder locations.


Firefox 3.5: Earlier today we mentioned that Firefox 3.5 could be pushed out as an official release as soon as Tuesday, June 30 (US time). Now PC Magazine is reporting that Mozilla has officially confirmed the Tuesday release. Among other additions, Firefox 3.5 will include a Private Browsing Mode to hide browser activity, a JavaScript engine known as TraceMonkey, new location services, and HTML5 support. Mozilla's Mike Beltzner told the magazine that he expects over one billion downloads of the updated browser.


Firefox 3.5: Weave, Mozilla's add-on to synchronise bookmarks, passwords, and now preferences and automatic logins across Firefox browsers, updated to a 0.4 beta, just in time for the release of 3.5—which could happen tomorrow, by the way.


Mozilla continues to (benevolently) toy with Firefox fans, making a third Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate available for direct download or updating through the Help->Check for Updates path, while shying away from an official announcement about a final 3.5 release date. The link for 3.5rc3 release notes isn't working at the moment, but we'd presume this is a mostly bug-fixing release. Thanks Ryan!


Firefox 3.5 is a pretty substantial update to the popular open-source browser, and it's just around the corner. See what features, fixes, and clever new tools are worth getting excited about in the next big release.