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I grew up thinking I was shy. It was an easy conclusion to draw because whenever I’d be in a situation where I felt uncomfortable — particularly when I was expected to interact with someone I hardly knew — someone inevitably would say, “Ohhhh, she’s shy.” Or, worse, they’d directly ask me, “Are you shy??”


My son asked me last night what I was going to be writing about today. I’d just been reading this piece in the New York Times about how parents can raise empathetic children, and it had struck a chord with me. As a parent, I desperately want to raise my son to be the sort of person who steps up when others are in need, but is that something I can truly influence?


We tend to think of anger has a negative, pessimistic feeling. It's actually linked to optimism, though. Anger is often a reaction to being let down after we're optimistic about something.