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Windows Mobile only: Windows Mobile and PDA devices may have a copy/paste function, but selecting and copying can be a serious click-click-click pain. ceSnipURL, a free link-shortening app for Windows Mobile-compatible devices, does the same kind of work as SnipURL, TinyURL and all the rest, but much more conveniently. Load the app and paste in a URL, and it's automatically converted (using snipr.com) and copied to your clipboard for texting, emailing, or any other use. ceSnipURL is a free download for Windows Mobile 6 and compatible devices only.



Windows Mobile/Pocket PC only: Get access to all of your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device's files with Mocha FTP Server, a (newly) free utility. Simply load and run the software on your mobile device, point a browser or FTP client on a networked computer to the address it provides, and you can do what you want with pictures, music, and other files. You can get pretty fancy if you want, setting up multiple users with different rights, time-outs, and more. Mocha FTP Server is a free download for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices; once you hit the registration screen, enter "freeware" for a licence name and "111425" for a code.

Mocha FTP Server

Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.


Windows Mobile only: Freeware Windows Mobile application Google2GO! marries the functionality of Yahoo! Go to Google apps. As you can see in the demo video above, that means search, calendar, email, RSS, and more are all tied to the Google offerings of each application. It's no Google Android, but if you use Google apps for most of your web services, it looks pretty nice. Google2Go is freeware, Windows Mobile only, requires Windows Mobile .NET 2.0.



Windows Mobile 5 and 6: An early version of a Last.fm client for Windows Mobile has been released in the wild, giving Pocket PC and Smartphone users access to the social music service's streaming radio (on Pocket PC at least) and custom recommendation tools through "scrobbling." The client isn't exactly streamlined or hugely pretty at the moment, but having access to user-generated radio streams is a pretty nifty app for any phone. You'll need to download the client onto a computer and upload it to your device, and further installation instructions are at the link below. Last.fm Mobile requires Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and the .NET Compact Framework 2.0. iPhone and iPod Touch users can check out MobileScrobbler for a wider-screen webapp version.

Where to download and how to use last.fm Mobile


Windows Mobile only: Turn your Windows Mobile phone into a Wi-Fi router, providing any Wi-Fi-capable device access to your cell plan's data network, with freeware application WMWifiRouter. Install WMWifiRouter to your phone, run the application, and it automatically sets up an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network named WMWifiRouter that you can connect your laptop—or any other wireless device—to without going through the regular pain involved in tethering an internet connection to your mobile device. My WM phone is out of the house today so I couldn't try it out, so if you do let us know how it worked in the comments. The brilliant WMWifiRouter is freeware, still under heavy development, Windows Mobile 6 only.



Windows Mobile: Freeware skinning application Pointui makes the notoriously kludgy Windows Mobile interface more usable and accessible, and does so with great success. Most notably, the Pointui interface allows for fingertip navigation (à la the iPhone) rather than the traditional stylus (or fingernail) navigation that requires you to pinpoint with pixel precision. Not every aspect of WM is skinned, so you'll be returned to WM ugliness from time to time, but where it's skinned well (especially the system settings) it's great. For a fuller look at what Pointui can do for your WM device, check out Gizmodo's video tour and glowing review. If you've been down on Windows Mobile ever since you saw what navigation on the iPhone is like, skinning that phone with the freeware Pointui might be just what the doctor ordered.



Windows Mobile and Symbian phones only: Freeware application Palringo brings multi-client chat to your Windows Mobile device or Symbian smartphone. There once was a time when the go-to mobile IM client was a program called Agile Messenger, but ever since it went shareware there's been a gap for freeware IM on a lot of phones. With support for everything from AIM to Google Talk and its own mobile voice chat, it looks like Palringo is filling that gap with aplomb. Palringo is freeware, works on Symbian Series 60 phones and Windows Mobile 2003 and up.



Windows Mobile: Open web pages in tabs, remember closed tabs and URLs and get full-screen browsing with Web View, a free add-on for Internet Explorer Mobile (formerly Pocket IE). In addition to standard tab functions, Web View also adds common navigation buttons (back, forward, refresh and stop) and allows for page source viewing. For those not willing to part with their hard-earned cash for Opera Mobile, this plus pRSS Reader can make browsing in Windows Mobile more tolerable. Web View is a free download that requires Windows Mobile 5.0 and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

Web Viewer for WM5