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  • Which Popular Diets Are Just Fads?

    Each year, new weight loss diets appear that promise to reveal the ultimate secret of success – if only you buy the book, pills or potions. Fad diets might achieve short-term results but they are difficult to sustain in the long term.

  • How Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

    “How do you feel today?” It’s a common question, and for some people an answer rolls off the tongue automatically – perhaps something non-committal and socially appropriate, like “I’m fine” or, “Okay”. In fact, this happens so often that I’ve gotten into the habit of asking again, which is usually met with confusion. It seems…

  • 5 Ways To Kick The Midlife Crisis

    Midlife Crisis? Identity crisis is probably a more accurate description. We’ve seen identity crises before, but this time we are not talking about teenagers. Wisdom and life experience should lend themselves to a higher sense of self, but it is not always true as we hit our forties.