How To Reduce The Number Of Times You Forget Things Each Day

When you consider about your day-to-day life, there are undoubtedly things you could change to make things easier. Rearrange the apps on your phone to make the ones you use most easily accessible, for example, or designate a place to leave your keys and wallet when you come home so…

Prioritise Your To-Dos With A ‘SUG’ List

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your standard to-do list to be more efficient, David Nour, founder of The Nour Group, Inc., writes about a useful alternative in Fast Company: Turn it to a SUG list.

Literally Email Like A Boss

If you’re buried under unanswered email, and find yourself constantly starting your replies with “Sorry for the delay,” do what BuzzFeed reporter and creative miscreant Katie Notopoulos did: Answer your emails right away, with just a couple of words. She calls it “emailing like a CEO”, the same phrase used…