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Taiwan is perhaps most famous for the sprawling street markets that spring up on sidewalks and alleyways at night. Among the myriad clothing, trinkets and electronics on display are specialty food stalls hawking all manner of exotic dishes. If you want to find out what snake's blood, sea snails, chicken butts and deer penis tastes like, this is the place to be! Guiding your stomach through these culinary corridors can be a daunting task though. Here are six food stall tips that will keep you sated and alive.


Chronic procrastinator J.D. Roth describes the techniques he uses to stop putting off tasks. One of his weapons in the war against procrastionation? A timer. Roth says:
Part of the reason I procrastinate is that I have a rich mental life. This is just a flowery way of saying that I'm a daydreamer. I'm always lost in thought. One way to keep on track is to use a timer. I use the Ultrak Jumbo Countdown Timer, but not as often as I should. I set it for 48 minutes. When it goes off, it serves as an instant reality check: Am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing?As someone who also has a "rich mental life" AND a timer, I can attest that this does indeed work. What specific anti-procrastination strategies (besides "just do it now") do you have up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments.
Getting to Now: How to Beat the Procrastination Habit


Reader Korian pointed us to a useful piece in The Australian which talks about the current state of play for broadband users in Australia, looking at the practise of 'shaping' download speeds as well as giving some "sound, no nonsense Aus-centric advice for broadband users".

It contains ten tips for maximising your broadband value, including:

• PICK an ISP who suits your usage habits. If you're a dedicated online gamer, pick an ISP that offers free gaming traffic. Conversely, if you're permanently swapping files via BitTorrent, don't choose an ISP that automatically shapes P2P traffic.

• PAY your bill the cheapest way possible. Many ISPs charge a service fee for monthly billing or payment by credit card; direct debit is often the cheapest option.

• CHECK for upload rules. Most ISPs don't count uploads as part of your overall traffic, but some (including Telstra and, in some cases, Optus) do. Avoid these plans, especially if you regularly send large files yourself.

• MAKE sure your ISP supports rapid transfer. Rapid transfer allows you to easily switch to another ISP with minimal disruption if a better plan comes along.

• KEEP your security software up-to-date. If your machine becomes part of an infected "botnet", your internet usage can skyrocket.

MIS-shaping future of broadband

Thanks, Korian!


Webapp Knotler manages and shares your shopping lists, which you can access at the store from your mobile device. Knotler requires no registration, supports simultaneous edits by multiple users, and is built on a clean and simple AJAX interface. Create your list, add your items, and then choose to share it with your roommate, partner or spouse. Best of all, Knotler is available as a standalone website, iGoogle gadget, mobile application or WAP application, so you can pick up where you left off while on the road or once you've hit the grocery store. Thanks, Martynas! Knotler


Fans of the Qualcomm developed Eudora email client will be very pleased to learn that the beta version of Eudora 8 is now available.
This is the first new version of Eudora since 2006, when developer Qualcomm donated Eudora to the Mozilla foundation. They've basically been working on migrating Eudora to an open source framework as an extension built on top of Thunderbird.
At the moment Eudora 8 is essentially Thunderbird under the hood, with a Eudora skin and keyboard shortcuts, but more development is on the horizon.
The Penelope extension (which also works with Thunderbird) provides new icons and sound files as well as key mapping, icons, toolbar layout and column layout which will be familiar to Eudora users. The beta can be downloaded here.
The Wired writeup says that Thunderbird users may want to check out the Penelope extension too:
Eudora 8 has some features you might appreciate, such as the ability to add any menu item to the toolbar. Also note that if you do use Thunderbird, Eudora will recognize and use your existing Thunderbird settings. Eudora 8 also supports Thunderbird add-ons or at least it should. I had some problems using the Lightning extension, but the rest of my add-ons seemed to work — YMMV.

The beta of Penelope can be downloaded here.

Mozilla Resurrects Eudora E-mail Client