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Doctor's visits can be awkward, especially when getting the care you need requires divulging details about your sex life. Everybody needs a doctor they can trust, but that's especially important if you're likely to show up with injuries that may be hard to explain.


Shopping at my local pharmacy last week, I was taken aback by a product on the counter: “self check breast cream”. Sorry, what? Breast self-examination cream? Is that even a thing? Looking closer at the bright pink display, I discovered a sales campaign in full swing, seemingly timed to coincide with 'breast cancer awareness month'.

Two dollars from each tube sold was going to a breast cancer charity, and there was a ready-to-use social media hashtag – #IPledgeToCheck. In large font was the message 'self checking your breasts is important'.

This is a fairly familiar message. But is it true? The evidence is surprisingly complicated.