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Once you've gone inverted, it's hard to go back to black text on a white background. Of course, applying this theme of altered colours is easier in some places than others, with Apple devices being one of the more trickier propositions. Fortunately for those with jailbroken gadgets running iOS 7, there's a pay-for option that will do a decent job of darkening your mobile experience.


The jailbreak for iOS 6.1 just arrived, but Apple had to quickly introduce two emergency patches to the OS to fix Exchange support and a lock screen privacy bug. Thankfully, you can still jailbreak the updates, but if you're already running iOS 6.1 you might not want to hunt down your apps and tweaks again. Here's how to make it a little easier on yourself.


iPhone 4S (Jailbroken): The voice-assistant Siri is pretty useful on the iPhone 4S, but there are a lot of things you still can't do with it. This Cydia tweak will cross a few items off that list, including turning on or off wireless settings, setting your screen brightness and reading your battery level back to you.